Image Title Text
Afghanistan Flag Afghanistan Flag :afg:
Australian Flag Australian Flag :aus:
Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh Flag :ban:
Bermuda Flag Bermuda Flag :ber:
Canada Flag Canada Flag :can:
England Flag England Flag :eng:
India Flag India Flag :ind:
Ireland Cricket Flag Ireland Cricket Flag :ire:
Kenya Flag Kenya Flag :ken:
Namibia Flag Namibia Flag :nam:
Netherlands Flag Netherlands Flag :ned:
New Zealand Flag New Zealand Flag :nz:
Pakistan Flag Pakistan Flag :pak:
Scotland Flag Scotland Flag :sco:
South Africa South Africa :saf:
Sri Lanka Flag Sri Lanka Flag :sri:
Uganda Flag Uganda Flag :uga:
West Indies Flag West Indies Flag :wi:
Zimbabwe Flag Zimbabwe Flag :zim:
Artgentina Flag Artgentina Flag :arg:
Botswana Flag Botswana Flag :bot:
Denmark Flag Denmark Flag :den:
Fiji Flag Fiji Flag :fij:
Guernsey Flag Guernsey Flag :gue:
Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong Flag :hkg:
Italy Flag Italy Flag :ita:
Jersey Flag Jersey Flag :jer:
Malaysia Flag Malaysia Flag :mas:
Nepal Flag Nepal Flag :nep:
Nigeria Flag Nigeria Flag :ngr:
Norway Flag Norway Flag :nor:
Oman Flag Oman Flag :oma:
Papua New Guinea Flag Papua New Guinea Flag :png:
Singapore Flag Singapore Flag :sin:
Suriname Flag Suriname Flag :sur:
Tanzania Flag Tanzania Flag :tan:
United States Flag United States Flag :usa:
Vanuatu Flag Vanuatu Flag :van:
New Zealand Silver Fern Flag New Zealand Silver Fern Flag :nzf:
United Arab Emirates Flag United Arab Emirates Flag :uae:
Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag :stk:
Trinidad & Tobago Flag Trinidad & Tobago Flag :tat:
Guyana Flag Guyana Flag :guy:
Barbados Flag Barbados Flag :bar:
Saint Lucia Flag Saint Lucia Flag :stl:
Jamaica Flag Jamaica Flag :jam:
Thailand Flag Thailand Flag :tha:
Brazil Flag Brazil Flag :bra:
France Flag France Flag :fra:
Germany Flag Germany Flag :ger:
UN Flag UN Flag :unf:
Bat Bat :bat:
Bowler Bowler :bwl:
All-rounder All-rounder :ar:
Wicketkeeper Batsman Wicketkeeper Batsman :wkb:
Wicketkeeper Wicketkeeper :wk:
Allrounder/Wicketkeeper Allrounder/Wicketkeeper :arwk:
captain captain :c:
up up :up:
down down :down:
left left :left:
right right :right:
Local Local :local:
overseas overseas :os:
Gold Orb Gold Orb :goldo:
Silver Orb Silver Orb :slvo:
Bronze Orb Bronze Orb :bro:
Red Orb Red Orb :redo:
Blue Orb Blue Orb :blueo:
Purple Orb Purple Orb :purpo:
Cheers Cheers :cheers
Clap Clap :clap
Eek Eek :eek:
facepalm facepalm :facepalm
Grin Grin :D
lol lol :lol
Mad Mad :mad
Nod Nod :yes
nope nope :noway
Rolleyes Rolleyes :rolleyes
Sad Sad :(
Smile Smile :)
Spy Spy :spy
Stick out tongue Stick out tongue :p
thumbs up thumbs up :thumbs
wave wave :wave
Wink Wink ;)
tick tick :tick:
cross cross :x:
PlayStation Triangle Button PlayStation Triangle Button :pst:
PlayStation Circle Button PlayStation Circle Button :psc:
PlayStation Cross Button PlayStation Cross Button :psx:
PlayStation Square Button PlayStation Square Button :pss: