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    Purchasing Ashes cricket - India

    Hi guys, Im writing in regarding purchasing ashes cricket 2017 for pc platform in India. As Ive been able to gather, the game is available for as low as 13-14 dollars on amazonindia for ps4. However, I believe steam is the only seller for pc. The same game is available though at 59.99 there...
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    Ashes Cricket PC Released

    Definitely, academy works on many levels to give a potential buyer the confidence that 1) his pc can run the game and 2) it gives a good indication into how good the game is. The second part we more or less know the answer too, the gameplay videos look impressive. My concern remains whether I...
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    Ashes Cricket General Discussion

    @BigAntStudios Just a request, since the PC release is a week away, can we have official system requirements? Perhaps maybe an academy release? Potential buyers like me are damn excited but yet unsure if we can run it and if not, what upgradations are to be made.
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    Ashes Cricket PC Released

    What are your specs?
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    Ashes Cricket PC Released

    Was DBC17 a whole lot different from DBC14 (which I owned and it ran smoothly on high settings on my laptop). I've 2GB graphic card with 2.5 ghz processor.
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    Ashes Cricket General Discussion

    Has there been an update on the PC release?
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    This is it - Ashes Cricket (Beta Feedback)

    Shame have to wait another month for pc version here in india. Would have loved to review earlier. Videos put up by others ought to do for the time-being I guess.
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    This is it - Ashes Cricket (Beta Feedback)

    Going through the thread and what phenomenal improvement we see in Ashes Cricket from DBC14 (the last BigAnt Cricket game I played). In all honesty, the gameplay does look massively improved and while I understand some members here still trying to extract answers on how close to real-life it has...
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    Don Bradman 17 review - Buyers beware!!

    Going through the comments, it's sad to see a sense of haste - which probably is unjustified at such early juncture of the release. A gentle reminder to all those who've bought the game, please do come forward with constructive criticisms but to those who haven't - disrespectful comments is not...
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    Jiofi - perfect case of mismanagement?

    Right, so I purchased the jioFi (wifi-router by Reliance). The device is for those like me who do not have a 4g enabled phone but still want to use the free preview offer by JIO. The problem is; it's hardly 4g. I bought the decide around a week back and the maximum speed I'm getting is 1mbps...
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    Your name in the game!

    Aditya Jha (can be pronounced with a Z too i.e. Zha)
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    Player Applications

    First Name: Aditya Surname: Jha Player Type: Batting AR Batting Hand: Left Bowling Style: RF
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    PC: Random Match Thread

    Any one fancy an online match?
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    GTA V

    No, not on high settings. The game lagged a little which was ruining it for me. Right now, I've got everything set to normal, playing in windowed border less mode - the graphics are pretty good still and there are no lags so I suppose that's good enough to enjoy the game. :)
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    GTA V

    Installed the game and played an online race for about 10 minutes, the speed is a major issue for someone like me playing online at 2mb/bs speed. Nevertheless, the whole idea of online play is very fascinating.