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    Never have I ever?

    Never have I ever played never have I ever. But now I have. Oh wait.....
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    PC Monthly Bingo Returns - January 2021

    The Vcash :)
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    PC Monthly Bingo Returns - January 2021

    Bingo! That's 2 in a row if you count out the canceled one and the long break in between :p
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    How Planet Cricket helped me ?

    This is amazing. In a whole, it's so amazing about how PC as a platform offers to interact with members of different kinds in such an unbiased and friendly environment, and how all of us can share our experience and knowledge and also learn from others in such a way. Congratulations on cracking...
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    PC Monthly Bingo Returns - January 2021

    Done :)
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    PC Monthly Bingo Returns - January 2021

    Can I claim a token? :)
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    New Fantasy Cricket Staff Member

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    Hall of Fame Hall of Fame | Class of 2020 - General chat

    Congrats @Aislabie. Well deserved :cheers
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    I am leaving/back thread

    Welcome back! :)
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    Random Thoughts

    Every decision you've made in your life has led you to reading this post. He dared to take the risk thus he got his reward handsomely :p
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    AMA Dark Knight Speaks

    I was mainly active in the general chat forum though. But I think these days I'm too disconnected from cricket to post something on the cricket forum :p
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    AMA Dark Knight Speaks

    Describe me as a member :D Favourite book? (I think I asked it before but nevermind :p) Do you consider "Cup Stacking" as a sport? :p