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    Requests Thread

    Seriously! :p
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    How are you doing in your school?

    either picometer or angstrom, both can be used IMO. :spy Chemistry is always easy. People think its difficult due to the fact that they rote a lot which is not required ! :rolleyes Probably because of your incessant douche-ry! You don't like a language, you don't thrash it :rolleyes
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    What are you listening to now?

    Kevin Cronin ! certainly a legend :spy
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    What's your aim in life?

    To watch NBA Finals at the arena ! :p
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    How are you doing in your school?

    I find you "Rubbish thrash and boring" but that doesn't mean I have to write it !:rolleyes I am an avid hindi user but don't have much problem using English unless it is used in random hardcore Poem :p
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    Requests Accepted EARAgAV | CRICKET16 CONCEPT ART

    Just keep 'em coming, since its a start. You'll surely improve :) .
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    Anish Designs | Back at it Again! | :D

    Great work man ! :clap Focus, Lightning, Placement of respective stock, Brilliant ! but as dipak said : I'd love to see text version of each one, (if possible). :spy
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    No Requests ~Neer's GFX~

    VK wallpaper - You could have done some work on the typo and those colored render (behind the subject) seems wee bit weird to me ! other than that it was amazing ! wonderful and clever use of tricolor along with chakra ! :thumbs Keep it up man ! :)
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    No Requests Sulaiman's Graphics Thread.

    You know what I really like about this sig is the Background and the render behind the main render! Perfect ! :) though you have to work a little bit more on text :thumbs
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    Anish Designs | Back at it Again! | :D

    I'm not into football that much but that sig looks one hell of amazing ! :p Texture well blended, lighting good, idea good, execution A1. Just one fiery texture near right thigh that looks weird to me. Keep it up dude !:clap
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    Requests Accepted ||.. AK's Digital Art ..|| Benedict Cumberbatch Avatars

    Thanks all ! :) Can't do that :noway ! Didn't save the psd !
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    No Requests Aggz's Graphics: PC CL XVI Logos

    No, I voted for you because I really liked your entry (both idea and execution). I thought it was Aggz's entry because it appears his style, IMO (not because of XXXX) :p
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    Requests Accepted Rizwan Graphics | New stuffs + Mahrez Sig ;)

    Awesome Awesome Awesome ! You surely succeeded in your experiment. :clap