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    General Cricket Discussion

    Any chance it's available on some other platform like YT or Twitter or Reddit?
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    Politics Discussion (India)

    Lol at what happened in Bihar. 100 bucks says the new coalition will wither away too in time. It has become a joke and in the end it's only the common man who will suffer.
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    What are you listening to now?

    Beautiful soundtrack considering the scenario
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    Random Thoughts

    I think it's safe to assume that no one in 2015 would have answered the question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" correctly.
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    General Chat TPCL 4 | The Pavilion

    le TPCL exists: @Na Maloom Afraad :p 1659961228 Would be interesting to know what the original choices where :spy
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    TV Series General Discussion

    Late to the party but I finally binged watched S1 of Squid Game. If I had to pick one round that really stood out for me, it was the tug of war. Ali's death in the marbles round really hit a nerve. Looking forward to S2.
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    India tour of West Indies 2022 - 3 ODIs, 5 T20Is

    It almost gives an impression that no one really cared - yeh just go and play, we will sort out the formalities when we get to it.
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    India Team Discussion

    Given how things stand and the plans for future of this Dravid era, I think it's safe to assume that he will indeed walk right back in.
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    Asia Cup 2022 - Sri Lanka (UAE)

    I'm looking forward to it but have a feeling India might end up disappointing us.
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    Random Thoughts

    Very few people will call you fat to your face, but if you lose weight, a plethora of them will be comfortable telling you that you used to be fat.
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    India tour of West Indies 2022 - 3 ODIs, 5 T20Is

    Been reading that the 3rd T20I will also have a delayed start - reason seems to be some extra hours of rest for players as it's a back to back match.
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    India tour of West Indies 2022 - 3 ODIs, 5 T20Is That should be one of a kind, shouldn't it?
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    Build Fantasy Byte: WIP addon

    I'll have to check with Matt if there's a test site set up or if that will need to be created again. Given how busy he seems to be, difficult to give a time frame. But yes, as far build is concerned, granting appropriate permissions is the only part pending (right now even guests can create data...
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    Build Fantasy Byte: WIP addon

    Oh, not even close. I'm still working on the "setting up a series" part (where FC staff create the event/series). Then there's users registering their teams and finally the scoring part. So long way to go before it goes live. What I can do perhaps is release it in parts. For example, first...
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    TV Series General Discussion

    Started Stranger Things S4 last night. Onto the 8th episode now. God these episodes are long!