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    Brian Lara Shield PRESEASON - GAME 2 - Lannisters (TPCL Season 1) v X Rebels @Casterly Rock - A BIG WIN!!

    Damn! Always a pleasure to see Lannisters get a mention. Legendary team, hands down the best group ever assembled on this forum. Hoping for Rebelz win but my soul always Lannisters. Appreciate the game @NILAYSHAH60
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    World Series PRESEASON - Game 4 - Royal Challengers Bangalore vs The Avengers @ M. Chinnaswamy Stadium

    Best if luck to RCB, not that you’ll need it against a p**** team like Avengers.
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    World Series PRESEASON - Game 2 - Rajasthan Royals vs X Rebels @ Sawai Mansingh Stadium

    Ideal cake walk for us, warm up game meh! As the best of the best we take each game seriously always!
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    Wrestling thread

    Anyone for NXT 2.0? Been following a couple months the wrestling is poor, you do have some green guys there. However the story telling pretty funny and interesting.
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    Team Thread The Avengers

    Awesome indeed! News to me trophies awarded for possibly the 2nd best team to X Rebels.
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    General Chat TPCL 4 | The Pavilion

    Certainly the most competitive tournaments we’ve had in years the teams look so balanced and complete. Honestly cant predict if Boys, Titans or Avengers gonna meet the Rebels in the finals. One thing I can certainly predict, X Rebels easily winning all the tournaments. X Rebels got their...
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    Team Thread The Boys - Scorched earf'

    Boyz got some cool boys in their squads, excellent lineup thus far guys! Best of luck in the 3-way for 2nd place. Would be an honour to face you in the finals boys. 1659036710 @Bigby Wolf wait a min! You with the boys down in the basement! Damn basement gotta be lit for sure! Invite me for one...
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    General Chat TPCL 4 | The Pavilion

    Glad to have you in the tournament buddy. Always a pleasure.
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    Team Thread TITANS - #titanup #ready2strike #bemore

    Excellent team Titans, may seem weak on paper but keep your chins up! Supporting you guys for the 2nd best team behind Rebels. Best of luck! In all seriousness though you guys seem most organised thus far, some hard work already put in by yall, really think yall the biggest threat to us!
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    Team Thread The Avengers

    Speaking for and on behalf of the Avengers management.
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    India tour of West Indies 2022 - 3 ODIs, 5 T20Is

    Yup indeed, WI always sold tickets cheap though, havent spectate a game in good few years but the UK tickets are around that price, possibly.
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    Team Thread The Avengers

    I’ve brought this up in the past and it was curtailed for the last couple seasons. I can understand why Avengers may be upset. I think moving forward, kindly and humbly requesting a stop to this practice of altering other Team thread names. I can see the fun in it but unfortunately in most...
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    India tour of West Indies 2022 - 3 ODIs, 5 T20Is

    Thats an insane price! Though the US market would slurp those tickets still. Tell me something arent Indians a large majority of spectators when the games hit the US?