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    Any Improvements?

    Anyone else had the problem of forgetting to log on for three years? @MattW @Biggs @Ross perhaps?
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    8 Cricket Records You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

    I had previously heard of all of these records except the Jayasuriya/Warne one.
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    Which Game Should I Go With

    It always is.
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    An Open Letter to Colin Graves

    I know, there's clearly an edit button for him to use... how embarrassing.
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    The best seamer of all time?

    I disagree with all but one. Pace: Thomson Bounce: Garner Swing: Wasim Yorkers: Waqar Consistency: Lohmann Variety: Barnes
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    Signups Open Deutscher Cricket-Bund | Sceond Match : O.M.G!

    First name: Niklas Last name: Heppenheimer Role: bowler Dominant hand: right Bowling style: leg spin Batting position: 11
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    Good cricket books or films people?

    how about no!
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    The best seamer of all time?

    Of all time: SF Barnes. That we've seen: Malcolm Marshall [/thread]
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    Franziskaner European Cricket League | The Champions are...

    Good to see we can still win games when our superstars bowlers have only bowled just 14 overs between them for 101 runs. Great innings from Lumb sealed a good game.
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    Richie Benaud 1930-2015

    He was involved in test cricket for almost half t's existence.
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    Franziskaner European Cricket League | The Champions are...

    Some good batting from Lumb, Jayawardene and Hasan and there's not much I can say about Vettori othrr than "pure legend" well done boys a strong win after a poor start with bat and ball. (We won't talk about Philander's performance, just put that behind us)
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    Your Cricket Discuss Your Cricket

    Use one action always, and practice, if there was one action that was better than all the others everyone would use it. If you want to bowl well put in time and effort, don't look for tricks to get out of hard work.