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    Kumar Vishal Trophy FINAL 1 of 3 - The Avengers vs Bad Boys @ The Floating Marvel

    Don't whine smarty pants. Our boys are chomping on bits to get into the XI and thump you into the oblivion. It's a good problem to have when you have such a pool of high quality talent. I reckon ParthK and Modi should start for certain and then there are chaps who have put their hands up to...
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    Don Bradman Shield ROUND 4 - The Avengers vs Bad Boys @ The Floating Marvel

    That's a fantabulous comeback from the bowlers to tilt the match in our favour. What a scintillating match this has been!
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    Kumar Vishal Trophy ROUND 4 - Bad Boys vs The Royal Mavericks @ Lord's Cricket Ground

    We might be in the position for wooden spoon at the moment but we certainly can pull off a big win and jump straight onto top of the table. Let's do it guys!!
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    T20 Super Slam Round 3 - LIVE | BAD BOYS vs THE AVENGERS at Lord's Cricket Ground

    I thought we were 15-20 runs short but given how their batsmen went with the business, it wouldn't have mattered much. Credit to them for putting a brilliant display of cricket.
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    Kumar Vishal Trophy ROUND 2 - The Wild Force vs Bad Boys @ Wild Park

    1626314992 Great game of cricket irrespective of the result.
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    Kumar Vishal Trophy ROUND 3 - The Royal Mavericks vs Bad Boys @ Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

    Dear oh dear! That's a shambolic bowling performance. I wonder if Kallis dropped in to call "Well bowled guys! I think they are 15 runs short" to the Mavericks during the innings break. Well played Mavericks and thank you for showing us our flaws to iron out before the next game.
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    Kumar Vishal Trophy ROUND 1 - The Avengers vs Bad Boys @ The Floating Marvel

    Don't spectators love such nailbiters? Players wouldn't want to be a part of these though.