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    The Alliance

    What about having our Career Table in Page 1. Somebody did talk about it earlier.
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    (15/10) 35 Over 3rd Place Playoff: J?ger Bombers vs The Alliance

    Happy to have won the match and finish off atleast at the 3rd place.
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    (5-8/10) FC Final: The Legendary Samurai Penguins vs The Alliance

    Wonderful match! Went right down to the wire! Disappointed to end up on the losing side:noway
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    The Alliance

    Glad to make it to the Final team! :wave
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    (28/9) 35 Over Round 10: J?ger Bombers v The Alliance

    Comprehensive victory for our team!!! We do make it a habit!! :cheers
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    The Alliance

    I was there in the probable team posted in our thread but not in the team posted in the match Thread!!!:eek:
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    The Alliance

    Lot of things seem to have happened in the thread when I was away!!! :eek:
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    (18-21/9) FC Round 5: The Alliance Bye

    We do have a team full of active players
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    The Alliance

    My Best performance in official matches so far!!!:cheers
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    (11/9) 35 Over Round 7: The Dozy Doosras v The Alliance

    Happy that I could contribute to the victory with 3 wickets
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    The Alliance

    Great win that
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    (4-7/9) FC Round 4: The Alliance v Domineering Eagles

    We came back strongly to win the match:cheers