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    Indian Premier League - General Discussion

    ABD saved this innings. Hopefully the total will be good enough.
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    IPL Royal Challengers Bangalore | #PlayBold

    They just successfully defended a low score. RCB needs to keep this up.
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    Almost feel like cheated.

    lol @ chasing the developers out of this forum. Maybe they should just stop making cricket games. If people are lucky EA will rehash their arcade garbage from the past decades with shiny grafix.
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    ICC World T20 India 2016 - March/April 2016

    Song finish for Windies. They'll remember this for a long time. Both men and women won it today.
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    Sequel to Don Bradman Cricket confirmed for 2016

    Fantastic news. And yeah I feel they should keep it to PC/PS4/XB1.
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    General Cricket Discussion

    What these Associate nations need is just more exposure by playing Test nations in between world cups. That is how they will develop. Having more sides in WC is great, but if they are to develop and become good competition for the Test sides, they must get that focus in between the WCs. Maybe...
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    PC Version Troubleshooting/Bug Reporting

    Lengths that people will go to.. :clap amazes me. Piracy will always be a part of PC gaming, but as long as they aren't able to host cracked servers, the online multiplayer aspect should at least motivate some of them to get a real copy on steam. I'm thinking of double dipping on PC if the...
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    Don Bradman Cricket in the Press

    This game deserves all the good press it is getting.
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    Don Bradman Cricket 14 PC PLAYABLE NOW!

    Oh boy March is going to be brutal..Dark Souls 2, South Park SoT, MGS Ground Zeroes and now DBC14. Don't know if I will even have time for them all :[
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    India tour of New Zealand - Jan to Feb 2014

    India is going to get wrecked next year at the World Cup.
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    Make Ashes 13 game code opensource

    Just make your own. Can't be worse than this right?
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    Don Bradman Cricket 14 Official Trailer

    Not surprised about Ashes 13, this has been happening to us cricket gamers since more than a decade only this time they've shown humility. DBC14 still feels too good to be true kind of deal. Trailer looks fantastic. :clap
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    India tour of South Africa - 2013/14

    I'm dying to see India play tests outside again. This should be a good series.
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    Cricket 14 is headed to PS4 and Xbox One

    Excellent news. Can't wait for next-gen already. I bet Big Ant is going to have their hands full with the new social and streaming features too that will come with next-gen systems.
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    BIG ANT CRICKET ON Oculus Rift

    Occulus Rift is the way of the future. Hope this piece of hardware becomes a massive success.