July 12
Don Carlo
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Leagues I Have Won:

African PL I (Durban Dolphins)
Emirates CL I (Khaimah Kings)
Associate PL IV (Toronto Raptors)
NZ PL I (Canterbury Wizards)
Pakistan PL I (Karachi Killers)
ELA 03 & 06 (Sydney Roosters)
WOC 01 & 02 (Australia)
ICC Outreach Program. II (Canada)
ZPL 05 (Mashonaland Eagles)
ZPL 13 (Southern Rocks)
ICC WTC I (England)
Mandela Trophy I (Zimbabwe)
PCL III (Vicious Vipers)
Minor Countries Championship VII (Philadelphia Geckos)
Ultimate League (League not Cup) II (Sydney Dynamo)

Runner Up :(

Cross-Over Cricket League I (Dynamo)
English Cricket League I (Durham Swans)
KFC SANZAC Championship I (New Zealand)
PCL IV (Vicious Vipers)
Favourite Cricketer
Tim Paine


Dreams Can't Be Buy ~ BRUNO


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