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  1. JD10

    Signups Open EPL| English Premier League| Index updated| Transfer Window begun

    On behalf of Tesco's I would like to announce a brand new twenty 20 league coming to England this summer. This was decided in a long meeting between the owner of Tesco's and the ECB director Giles Clarke. This was all decided with the success of the IPL in India in mind to bring up and coming...
  2. JD10

    SPL: South African Premier League - Draft round 6 - Yash up

    What is South African Premier League? The South African premier league is a professional league for 50 overs cricket championship run and managed by the Twenty20 Pro. It has been created by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The reason for this league is to make the South African...
  3. JD10

    Planetcricket problem

    When I try to look at my public profile it says "This user has not registered and therefore does not have a profile to view" and Chewie has also tried and he has the same problem. Does anyone knows what's happening ?
  4. JD10

    IPL Chennai Superkings

    IPL Chennai Super Kings Players Squad List * MS Dhoni (RT) * Suresh Raina (RT) * M Vijay (RT) * Albie Morkel (RT) * R Ashwin ? $ 0.85 Mn * S Badrinath ? $ 0.8 Mn * Doug Bollinger ? $ 0.7 Mn * Michael Hussey ? $0.425 Mn * Sudeep Tyagi ? $0.24 Mn...
  5. JD10

    Brit Insurance Premier League™ | Draft started - Round 5| Check SG

    Brit Insurance Premier League BANNER WILL GO HERE The Brit Insurance Premier league (or refered to as the BIPL) is a brand new way of promoting cricket in England. This is it's first season of it and is placed in the county season instead of the pro40 competition. It has been brought in to...
  6. JD10

    NBA ALL-STAR League| Get your team now!!

    Last Night the NBA board had an meeting to discuss about the future of NBA. Some said they needed a long circuit. Finally the NBA decided to create a NBA All-Star league. This league is based on globality and will introduce some of the finest players. Teams There will be two leagues. One...
  7. JD10

    The 30 day football challenge.

    Here is a list of things to do with football and you do one each day. Put a video up if you wish and it will really get you thinking aswell. The list: day 01 - your favourite match day 02 - your least favourite match day 03 - a match that makes you happy day 04 - a match that makes you...
  8. JD10

    Inter-Countries Premier League| Draft round 6

    INTER-COUNTRIES PREMIER LEAGUE Teams: London Lions - good Sachin Tendulkar Muttiah Muralitharan Adam Gilchrist Dale Steyn Anil Kumble Andrew Strauss Mithchell Johnson Graeme Swann Stuart Broad Rahul Dravid Sydney Sabres - Rahulkhush Virender Sehwag Mahendra Singh Dhoni...
  9. JD10

    Close Thread - Maybe be starting a new one soon

    English Premier League Now for the league format: It will consist of 6 teams in one league. Everyone will play everyone once or twice (not decided). Then the top 4 will go into semi-final. 1v4 2v3 then of course the final. Teams London Monsters - Rahulkhush Robin Martin-Jenkins - Bowl...
  10. JD10

    Your Cricket Ever been out on...

    Has any of you been out on either 49 or 99. I know the experience. I hit 49 and then got a crap ball, thought i could hit it a mile and got a bottom edge and got bowled:crying. Also that was the first game of the season. Anyone else felt the pain?
  11. JD10

    Andrew Strauss vs Simon Katich

    Both decent opening batsman. But with Strauss in form i would go with him.
  12. JD10

    Cricsim: England Premier League -

    English Premier League - Social Group London Lions - Mihir Doshi Liverpool Lightning - rahulkhush Manchester Monsters - Waqaspk456 Newcastle Giants - bcvstheworld...
  13. JD10

    Requests Accepted .:T20 PRO's Graphics:.

    I've decided start a thread of my graphics. I'm not that good at photoshop so if you can give me advice i'd would like you to please. I WILL be following tut's to help me improve. Sigs will be soon. Sigs: Avatars:
  14. JD10

    Arsenal Road to glory - O'Neill the new boss?

    Arsene Wenger - Time is up 2nd June 2009 Arsene Wenger OBE, Aged 60, told Sky Sports news room LIVE "That for the club to mover further it needs a young thinking manager". Arsene stated that the big job at Arsenal was getting all to much for a man of his age. He also said he would take the job...
  15. JD10

    Story My South Afrcian diary - SA squad annouced

    Hey Planetcricket members and welcome to my diary of South Africa rising to the top of the ICC rankings. My story will be intresting and well presented. You will find inside info on every game and a FULL match report for every match. Information about South Africa: The South Africa national...
  16. JD10

    Closed league - EPL open

    Name of Cup thanks to Gazza.:laugh - Social Group [/IMG] Due to Gary123 league ended i've decided to start an English Version of Gary's league. Before anyone asks i'm using the sim BC 06 that is pretty good like. The presentation...
  17. JD10

    Kevin Pietersen vs Yuvraj Singh

    Very hard to pick, But if the game depended on it, I would go with KP
  18. JD10

    Stuart Broad vs Mitchell Johnson

    Both decent bowlers who can bat a bit. Which one would you have in the team?
  19. JD10

    Jamie Lyons: A dream out of nothing - Chapter 1B updated

    "Jamie through ball" Shouted Bob. A wonderful ball by Jamie to put his side 1-0. Jamie was an attacking midfielder with fantastic skill and a dream to play for Liverpool and England. He played for Kirby football club. A little club just outside Liverpool. He went every home match and some away...
  20. JD10

    Closed league - Social group Hello and welcome to the Alan Stanford's offical T20 league presented to you by me, 20/20 PRO. As many leagues are going on, i've never seen a West Indies one. I know it's a hard task to do as West Indies isn't...