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  1. shubham466

    Assassin's Creed: Unity Sneak Peek Video

    Ubisoft is going to release the next game of AC franchise titled UNITY. Featuring a new assassin named 'Arno'. The game was set in 18th-century Paris during the French Revolution. It would release in late 2014. I've been a huge fan of AC series. Loved all the games except the third one. I...
  2. shubham466

    How To Remove Bats.xml Error From Player-Editor Using Notepad

    Remove Bats.xml Error From Player-Editor Using Notepad About the Problem :- After replacing any other Bats.xml file (Which are provided in the bat-packs) to Player-Editor folder then it shows an error dialog in Player-Editor like this- This problem can be easily solved in Notepad.It...
  3. shubham466

    Remove White Edges From Renders Using Fshed

    What Is The Problem ? This is a small tutorial for those who cut the renders properly, but in game menu; white edges look around the renders.This is not a big problem but it can be removed in Fshed, for getting best ingame results.:) How To Solve ? 1.Open Fshed and open your fsh file...
  4. shubham466

    Shubham's Stock? : Cricket 07 Error Finder v1.0.0 Released

    :wave Hello everyone,if you like or use my downloads please just click on and also to my thread. Like Us On Facebook - Shubham's Stock™ Blog- Menu 2012 [with new 2012 renders] (Preview) (Download) IPL 2012 Menu (Preview & Download) IPL 2012 Logos (Preview & Download) IPL 2012...