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  1. MaD

    Superhero Mafia - Ste, CG and Yash WIN

    Well I think its time for a revival! Not sure about the setup or game type, just wanna see how many people wanna sign up first. Players Simon - Died Night 1 Jack Ryder - Lynched Day 2 CG123 - WIN Abhas - killed Night 2 Surendar - Killed Night 3 thedon5 - killed Night 1 hedger_14 - Killed...
  2. MaD

    PLAYERS NEEDED: Yay Mafia - DAY 2

    Rules 1) Don't quote any communication you have received via PM from me. 2) This game will have your alignment and character revealed on death. Your actual role will be kept secret until the end of the game. 3) If anything in your PM over-rides these rules then your PM is to be followed...
  3. MaD

    Video Game Mafia - Game Over: Maney and Spoobir Victorious

    Video Game Mafia Rules - Read them! 1) Don't quote any communication you have received via PM from me. 2) This game will have just your alignment and character revealed on death. Your actual role will be kept secret until the end of the game. 3) If anything in your PM over-rides these rules...
  4. MaD

    TES 5: Skyrim

    SKYRIM E3 Gameplay Images Funny, I've seen people mention it but nobody made a thread... so here it is. I've probably never been more excited about a game (besides GTA4). Comes out on 11/11/11
  5. MaD

    The Legendary Samurai Penguins

    A.K.A: Legends Home Ground: The South Pole Home Land: Antarctica Home Kit Away Kit Squad Batsmen: MaD P Squared Zackie Tarzan King Cricket Chuck Norris Keeper User Twentyten All Rounders: Bilal Butt* Lewis* Batting: Spoobir* Bowling: Muhaiminul Haque (p23456789)...
  6. MaD

    The Simpsons Mafia - Game Over : TOWN WIN > Player Reviews

    RULES (READ THEM) 1) Don't quote any communcation you recieve from me or Hedger. Paraphrase it. 2) Your complete character will ber revealed after your death 3) If anything in your pm overrides these rules then your pm is to be followed. 4) No communication about the game outside of this...
  7. MaD


    JAPANESE CRICKET COUNCIL BOWLING MACHINE CHAMPIONSHIP The Japanese Cricket Council put their pedals to the medals, trying to figure out a way to train their Cricket team's batting skills efficiently. After years of effort, Head Chairman of the Institution; Professor Makoto demonstrated the...
  8. MaD

    Equalizing Ipod Song Volumes

    Just got some songs off my friend and it seems that on the Ipod, half his songs are super loud, any one know a way to equalize all the songs to be at the same volume level?
  9. MaD

    Naughty Bear

    Anyone heard of it? Naughty Bear Looks... unique Killer bear lol, the game's got potential IMO One of the trailers
  10. MaD

    Duty Calls - 2 Required - Bangladesh show force

    You're the Manager, you're the captain, guide your nation to the TOP! Pre - Season World Tour (Archive) Team Leader Board (OD) MVP & Training Points (OD) Squads * = Retiree ^ = U25 Schedule & Results Warm up Round 1 Australia v New Zealand - Australia won by 5...
  11. MaD

    The Gaming Thread

    Lots of threads bein made for different games, one for everythin would probably be better Just installed Altitude for the week-end, free off steam and I found it great fun, it's online too and only 5 USD, I reckon I may buy it, try it out for free for today
  12. MaD

    The News Thread

    Anyone over in Aus heard about the ninjas pwning muggers? Good stuff Post any news you've heard here, not serious news that belongs in the Issues forum
  13. MaD

    Website Maker?

    I need to create a website for a school assignment but I obv don't know how to code, what would be the best website maker to use? I've tried Dream Weaver but it's so complicated, i'm aware of MS Publishers ability to create website but there aren't options like inserting videos and stuff, any...
  14. MaD

    Kallis Manip Tut by MaD

    Texture 1 Texture 2 Texture 3 Texture 4 My Stock (Beginners should use it) My other outcomes:
  15. MaD

    Story 'N' Einstein Story - FP T20 vs Glam - Part 1

    Prologue They ask me, how? Napoleon Einstein? My grandfather was a scientist, he wrote a letter to Einstein and was even sent a reply, despite reading the letter, I have no idea what it was about. My mother is a Physics graduate and teaches Physics at a school, my father's named is Napoleon...
  16. MaD

    International Future XI's

    What do you think'll be the lineup of your/any international team in the next 10-15 years?
  17. MaD

    Story Head 2 Head II! Season 2 Finished - Do not Post in Thread

    Tour Results MVP Leaderboard Awards Reserves List Prizes (Vcash)
  18. MaD

    CC09 vs ICC 09

    Ok, so I wanna get one of the games but i'm not sure which one to get, right now it's leaning towards ICC, so I need to know from you guys, which is better, how much better and why also maybe if you have both games, some pros and cons
  19. MaD

    Game Mods

    Well I wanted to make a thread for myself where I could post some things I do with GTA SA because I just got into modding but I thought if others make mods they could also post em here, (No cricket game mods - they have there own section). So my attempt at my first mod is Harbhajan Singh, i'm...
  20. MaD


    So, umpires... Talk about them here, who's your favourite? I really love this guy: He's quite unique, inventing his own styles and all, He is criticised sometimes...