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  1. treva

    Story World XI Series | 2nd Test complete

    Premise With all sport on hold due to the current situation, most of us are trying to find interesting ways to discuss the players/teams we've enjoyed watching over the years. Yesterday Michael Vaughan shared the following tweet: That got me thinking that you could take it one further and...
  2. treva

    ICC on mobile

    Anybody played the latest version on mobile? If so, worth buying?
  3. treva

    WIN a signed England shirt [Fantasy Football]

    Morning guys. I'm running a fantasy football competition and the winner gets an England shirt signed by 18 members of the squad. Here's the link if you fancy giving it a go: McDonald?s FIFA World Cup? Fantasy Password is sportsvibe.
  4. treva

    Sportsvibe 2014 World Cup

    Hello all, Just wanted to post this here as I know some of you guys enjoy this stuff. Basically I am taking my years spent making stories on here and putting them into good use at my current job. We're celebrating 30 days until the World Cup by launching the Sportsvibe 2014 World Cup, our...
  5. treva

    Story Stick Cricket Premier League

    The Format - 10 overs per side - Maximum two overs per bowler - Three groups of four - One games against each group opponent - Top two teams in each group qualify automatically - Two next best 3rd teams also qualify - Best two teams straight into semi finals - Other four qualifiers play knockout...
  6. treva

    Inside Edge Betting

    Not sure where's best to post this but I'll plonk it here. Basically I've just set up my own site, Inside Edge Betting, which gives free cricket betting tips. It's a big experiment that hopefully can get off the ground and have a good amount of followers. I would be very grateful if you could...
  7. treva

    Football Tipping

    This last year I have very much been dragged into football betting and writing betting previews/tips. I've been writing previews for Free Bets - Free Bet Finder - Bookmaker Offers with some success and now began the odd tipping for (started terribly on Saturday). Though...
  8. treva

    India vs Australia Betting Preview

    India vs Australia Test Series Betting This may be against the rules, and I'm sure someone will do something about it if it is, but got to get my work out there. Here's my betting preview of the India vs Australia Test series. Feel free to post your opinions and by all means let me know if...
  9. treva

    'Treva wants WW or BJ'

    In a press conference today Treva announced that he is interested in joining two teams - Western Windings and Jager Bombers. "These two teams stand out as teams that mean business. It would be great to play alongside former teammate and drinking partner, Tom, and the owners of WW know exactly...
  10. treva

    FM Pentagon Challenge Thread

    THE PENTAGON CHALLENGE THREAD Welcome to the Pentagon Challenge Thread. Anyone can take part with any version of Football Manager. Aim: To win all 5 Champions Leagues (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America). Rules: Not many, just have to start unemployed with a reputation of...
  11. treva

    The Land of Great Men

    I've written a poem in memory of my Dad who died a year ago today. Thought I'd share it with everyone. Probably the first serious poem I've ever written. The Land of Great Men Far beyond the snowy forest and high above the golden sky, Lies the land for the great men who die, They reside...
  12. treva

    Couch Potato Critic

    Couch Potato Critic If any of you have ventured into the sports forum you may have stumbled across my blog on all things sports, 'Ramblings of a Sports Fanatic'. I have decided to begin a second blog, this time focusing on my other love - film and television. Basically I'll just be...
  13. treva

    NFL Mafia - End Game - Town and Manly win

    NFL Mafia 1) Don't quote any communcation you have received via PM 2) This game will have just your alignment and character revealed on death. Your actual role will be kept secret until the end of the game. 3) If anything in your PM over-rides these rules then your PM is to be followed...
  14. treva

    ESPN 30 for 30 Documentaries

    Been watching these all Christmas, and they are just incredible. Learnt so much about US sport and has seriously made me consider moving to the US after uni to try and make it as a sports journalist over there rather than in England. My favourites so far have been 'Pony Excess' (Just watched...
  15. treva

    Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll. Oh, and some Football II

    SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK 'N ROLL. OH, AND SOME FOOTBALL II I had hinted at it's return, probably over a year ago now, but it is finally back. If you missed the original story then here is the link...
  16. treva

    Kim Jong Il is dead

    So, the North Korean communist leader is dead then.
  17. treva


    Bit of a plug for a site I write for. If you want the latest gaming news then this is the best place for it. We have some decent game reviews on there, as well as latest news and trailers as soon as they release. Check it out. Thanks.
  18. treva

    [FM2011] Planet Cricket Football Club

    Planet Cricket Football Club ______________________________________________ Information Founded: 2010 Chairman: Zimrahil Board Members: Matt W, Colin Barmyarmy and Sly Sylvester Balance: ?850,500 Transfer Budget: ?495,541 Player Wage Total: ?1,780 pw...
  19. treva

    RACING BATracer

    I'm sure we had a thread for it but I can't find it. Anyone still playing this? I know we had some good championships and some good players. Got back into it since the summer started and have had two brilliant results in the past two races. At Monaco I started dead last and ended up 4th...
  20. treva

    [FM2011] Planet Cricket Football Club - Sign Ups Closed

    Sign up if you wish to be part of the Planet Cricket Football Club. This will be played on Football Manager, using the editor to create everything needed to be a football club. I will make it as interactive as possible, including captain and vice captain roles, team voting and much more. Once...