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  1. francobaldo1

    OTHER Olympic Games 2020

    edit: sorry didnt see the other thread passwordistaco streaming the game, it's well made i think, very arcadey
  2. francobaldo1

    OTHER VR Pool on oculus quest 2

    testing VR stream with the fantastic Black Hole Pool VR for oculus quest: i'm very bad and i'm testing ^^
  3. francobaldo1

    Cricket 19 hacks

    @Gamer Pradosh LINK REMOVED TEMPORARILY with this program you can unlock the menu in the game (the same that in the previous game). I included the source code for Cheat Engine usage: launch the game, open the program and press START
  4. francobaldo1

    OTHER Aussie games sale on Steam

    there is a sale on steam of games by Australian developers. Many games are avalaible like Tabletop Cricket, RLL4, AFL evo, AO Tennis, Rugby Challenge 3 etc.
  5. francobaldo1

    OTHER Totopoly mod for Tabletop Simulator

    not sure if boardgames fit in this section, but here is my Totopoly mod, it's a horse racing game. Will propably try to make mods for some cricket boardgames too. You need Tabletop Simulator to play this.
  6. francobaldo1

    Ashes Cricket hacks: fearsome tweak v0.01

    This is my previous mod from dbc14 and dbc17 now updated for Ashes Cricket. There is only the Lua console right now, but maybe with it there can be some tweaks for human/ai edges. If it's possible i will post here some examples...
  7. francobaldo1

    dbc17 hacks: fearsome tweak v1.51

    hi, this mod is called Fearsome Tweak, it allows some customization of the game. usage: download the mod file and copy it in a directory (any directory will do). Run the game, when in the menu, press START on the mod program and wait that it loads (it should take few seconds). Then select one...
  8. francobaldo1

    dbc hacks: fearsome tweak v2.90 +minigame v0.03

    -uploaded minigame v003 -uploaded v2.90 reusing the old slow loader until the new one is written INSTRUCTIONS FOR 2.90 AND OLDER: run DBC14, when you are in the menu press START on the hack program and wait 15-20 seconds (or more). INSTRUCTIONS FOR 2.85: run the program, press START, then run...