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    "Football Lords" Memes/Jokes

    a few memes to start off :D Haters will say it was Rooney Lord's touch breaks the unbreakable
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    On Hold Gatorade T20 Gold Cup Season I: R4 done! R5 lineups please.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome, to the inaugural edition of Gatorade T20 Gold Cup official thread. It's a t20 simulation league played among 6 teams, Northern Herd, Western Wranglers, The...
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    Spanish Football Thread

    A thread for you to discuss all the happenings on LA LIGA! :)
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    Lankan Super League I: The FINALE POSTED! ENDING CEREMONY!

    -Sim Courtesy- Syedur Rahman's Cricsim The LSL (Lankan Super League) is an OD tournament (50 overs) which is held in Sri Lanka among the 6 Provinces of Sri Lanka. This tournament is mainly held because of Sri Lanka's development on 50- over format and to have an amazing preparation for the...
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    Post Line-ups KFC T20 Summer-Slam| We have our Champions!

    |HOME | STATS/STANDINGS | FIXTURES | VENUES | TEAMS| Banner by Rizwan78 The KFC T20 Summer Slam! Hungry for T20? Well, don't you worry cos this summer's most exciting T20 tournament is coming in your way! -Consisting the Top 4 T20I teams (Sri Lanka, West Indies, India and South...
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    Tutorial: Dale Steyn signature tutorial! Need outcomes!

    Hello guys, this is my second tutorial. This is a signature tutorial on DALE STEYN. It's very easy if you have slight experience with PS. This is what we'll end up after finishing the tutorial: So, let's get started! :thumbs __________________________________________________...
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    WWE Discussion thread

    Discuss about WWE here. :) Official Let's start with discussing Elimination Chamber. :cheers Tagging to the WWE fans I know- Umair2000 surender Sulaiman7 Arun. Akul Mukesh888 Isa 31 MTR001 :cheers Also share who is your favorite diva or superstar. mine- Brie Bella and...
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    WCC: ENG v GER match!

    Welcome, to the first edition of the tournament called Western Confederations Cup, which is held on 2014. The founder and the CEO of the league is Neer of . The tournament is a football competition between three continents- UEFA (Europe), CONMEBOL (South America), CONCACAF...
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    What are you downloading or uploading now?

    Another never ending thread. I'm downloading Hunger Games 2 movie- blu ray. :) So, let's get started!
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    Problem on playing FIFA 13,14 on my brand new desktop

    Bought a new desktop today. I can't play Fifa 13 and 14..:( Problem: Whenever I start a match, the game gets shut down.:( But, I played with the same disks on my lappy too.. But, there was no problem. If you think my specs are problem, then my answer is: Intel Core i5 3.0 ghz 4 GB ram...
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    Tutorial: Simple and very effective avatar tutorial.

    My first tut! It's really simple but, very effective! Outcome: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I'm still not perfect, but I hope this tutorial will help many of you and please post outcomes and hit thanks.:thumbs Thank you for reading it, Neer
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    The thing you hate most?

    Gossip about the thing you hate the most to do.:D:D Mine is listening songs and talking with elder persons:p
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    What's your aim in life?

    Well, the thread question tells all about this thread. Do share your's as well. So, we could now about your aim in life. e.g.- some wants to be engineer, doctor, teacher so on. Mine is to be a Computer Engineer. I'll work hard to reach it. :thumbs
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    On Hold Elite League:Bangladesh Season I: Drafts ended.

    The teams Team Name|Manager Name Dhaka Wizards|Sami Kumar Team Name|Manager Name Barisal Hurricane|Naman007 Team Name|Manager Name Chittagong Cheetahs|Umair2000 & blunt_boy92 Team Name|Manager Name Sylhet Gunners|Anirudh C Team Name|Manager Name Rajshahi...
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    No Requests ~Neer's GFX~

    do have a great time here! :)
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    The "Cartoons" Thread

    We can talk,discuss about animation cartoons,movies.Also,feel free to share your personal favourite animations.My favourites are Dragon Ball,Z,GT,DoraemonAlso you can post links of various animations.You can ask me as well.:) Hope you guys will like this thread.:thumbs