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  1. icyman

    Travel- Current Restrictions & Quarantines

    Since I am currently living in Hong Kong, thought of starting this thread to understand what are the current travel restrictions that you guys are facing. As an Indian citizen, it is quite difficult to go to any other country, unless you have a residency visa. At present, only Maldives, Russia...
  2. icyman

    Future Indian Captains

    A lot of discussion on Indian captaincy in a variety of thread has prompted me to start this one. Cricket Australia, for the better part of the 1990's and early 2000's had a program wherein they groomed youngsters specifically for the purpose of taking over as Australia's captain. This program...
  3. icyman

    Future WTC Editions- What would you change?

    Not sure whether this is the most relevant sub-forum for this discussion, but anyway let me carry on until a mod does the needful :) The latest FTP from the ICC reveals 4 future editions of the coveted WTC. 2025: WTC Final 2027: WTC Final 2029: WTC Final 2031: WTC Final While the first one...
  4. icyman

    Covid-19 Vaccines

    Given the increasing amount of efforts in containing the pandemic, just wanted to understand the take of fellow members on the vaccination programs available in your country. Have you already been vaccinated? If not, what might be the reasons for the same and how soon do you expect to get...
  5. icyman

    Umpiring & DRS

    We've seen a lot of howlers, haven't we? Well, the DRS was supposed to alleviate these instances, however, what we see nowadays are more 'basic howlers' from the cricket umpires. The reason I wanted to start this thread was to get your views on: How can we improve the umpiring standards...
  6. icyman

    Quadrennial or Bi-annual World T20

    After India 2016, the next edition of the World T20 would be played in Australia in 2020. The cycle changes from a bi-annual event to being a quadrennial one. The ICC has in the recent past mooted the quadrennial concept, last applied to the Champions Trophy. I for one, feel that the event...
  7. icyman

    World Cup The Best team to never have won a World Cup

    I am talking about the greatest ODI teams of all time to have never won a World Cup. Note this doesn't talk about nations, this talks about certain teams. Let me start: Crowe's NZ team in 1992 where they miraculously lost to Pakistan in the semi-finals. Cronje's Devils in 1999-again ousted in...
  8. icyman

    Duncan Fletcher to quit as India coach post World Cup ?

    I just came across this article. How true is this ? The detailed link is here.
  9. icyman

    Sir Ravindra Jadeja Fanclub

    Its my humble request that this fan club be allowed to operate on Planet-cricket. Would like contributions from members in this thread w.r.t Sir RJ. Our great Indian captain MSD has put in a few of his tweets here: God realised RAJNI sir is getting old so he created sir ravindra jadeja Sir...
  10. icyman

    Laxman Sivaramakrishna vs Anil Kumble

    Now, I haven't watched cricket that logn ago. But I was just going through some of the highlights of the World Championship in Australia in 1985 wherein I saw this young L Sivaramakrishna do wonders and bamboozle the opposition. My dad reckons that had LSR got more chance he would have gone...
  11. icyman

    Sri Lanka gets new captains

    As widely tipped, Angelo Mathews has been named as the Lankan skipper in the Test and 50 over formats with the wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Chandimal as his deputy. Chandimal as deputy has surprised me actually. But what surprises me more is that he has been named as the skipper for the T20...
  12. icyman

    D/L Method and T20- Mockery of the game ?

    Just check up on the SAF- ENG T20 today and found that the sides were playing a rain -affected reduced game of 11 overs. This brings me to ask the question- Isn't this a mockery of the game ? 5 overs constitute the bare minimum in a T20, but again, two teams playing matches which are worth...
  13. icyman

    ICC Awards 2012

    Since the nominations are out, thought it's better to discuss them here. List of nominees ICC Cricketer of the Year: Hashim Amla Michael Clarke Vernon Philander Kumar Sangakkara ICC Test Cricketer of the Year: Hashim Amla Michael Clarke Vernon Philander Kumar Sangakkara...
  14. icyman

    Cricket Trivia-Answer Up

    Will be posting a new question daily and shall give a considerable amount of time for you lot to come up with the answers. Next question tomorrow. For preserving the fun of quizzing, I'd rather you people not use Google or Cricinfo :) 1. Now that Alastair Cook has been appointed the...
  15. icyman

    Tell us something about your work

    I really dunno how many are working members here or have worked/ interned anywhere. But if you have,do let us know what you do at work-other than ogling at the interns :p Bout me- I am working as a Consultant in SAP.
  16. icyman

    Braindead-Treasure Hunt

    I just came across this Treasure Hunt while at work. Thought it would be nice for PC members to indulge in it. An online treasure-hunt at Braindead <> and it launches tomorrow. Meanwhile you can play a preview version spanning across 10 fun-filled levels at the...
  17. icyman

    Potential future stars from the U-19 World Cup

    I think we have seen quite a bit of the players turning out for our respective nations in the current U-19 WC. Which all players do you think will go on to make it big in the real world ? How many can be counted upon to be potential future captains of Test stars for your country ?
  18. icyman

    Musical Indian 'Vice-Captains' ?

    Once again, we find an Indian selection meeting ending in annointing a new vice-captain for the cricket team. Just a few months ago, we had Virat Kohli deputising for MSD for the Asia Cup and the current SRL series. After yesterday's meet, Gautam Gambhir finds himself back in the seat. In the...
  19. icyman

    Can we have an English team consisting of English players ?

    In the light of Rankin's retirement from the Irish team, one is prompted to ask the question- whether England will ever have a full team consisting only of English players ? In recent times, we have had the likes of Joyce and Morgan turning out for England.[bar Joyce's return]. Additionally...
  20. icyman

    Bangladesh -No.4 in Rankings ? & Do we need T20 ranks

    Given their meteoric rise in the T20s, do they really desevre to be ranked No.4 ? A team ,which had not yet broken into the rankings, now finds itself at No.4 by virtue of having beaten Ireland in 3 matches. This brings me to discuss a few questions: 1. Is the ranking system credible ? 2...