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  1. Zahid Mahar

    Why the people of this side are quite ?

    I have asked many questions asked peoples to help me. But no one replied..
  2. Zahid Mahar

    Who is the dangerous spin bowller of DBC14

    Who is the most dangerous spin bowller of DBC14 (CG), who can bowll faster and slower.. and also need tips how ro bowll faster delivery and slower delivery as well.
  3. Zahid Mahar

    I need kit templates for DBC14

    If anybody has kit template of Don bradman cricket 14 then please give me, i am in need of that.. i have one but don't know how to take that in use because thats JPG file. Please
  4. Zahid Mahar

    Scored 367 in t20

    1st time my custome player scored 367
  5. Zahid Mahar

    Cricket Academy: Need tutorial how to make new kit for DBC14

    Need tutorial how to make kit for DBC14 with photoshop CC 2017
  6. Zahid Mahar

    New Stuff for DBC14 : Multan Sultans kit, logo, and sponsors

    Made new stuff for DBC14. Kits logo and sponsor for multan sultans
  7. Zahid Mahar

    Pakistan 2019 Latest T20 Kit for DBC14

    My stuff, i mede two kits for DBC14 Australia and Pakistan