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  1. Neptune


    I have no idea where to post this, I am quite new to the site so if this isn't what should be posted here, fell free to delete this post. My question is how do you get that code option while writing a post/ comment. Can't seem to find it in the options above the writing space
  2. Neptune


    Everytime I watch an AI vs Ai match being played, the batting team doesn't hit any ball and all balls are dots. If I simulate it though, it s working properly. Did I change something in my settings for this to happen? I reset all the settings but this continues
  3. Neptune

    Neptune's Cricket Tournament

    My friend and I have worked hard and now we are starting Season 1 of the Neptune Cricket Auction . Anybody is free to join. The more the merrier. We would appreciate it if you would share this tournament to anyone you know who would like to participate in it as then the auction becomes more...