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  1. Params7

    2000 breasts touched by a man in 20 mins.

    ????? ?????? ?????????????! / Epic! Putin paws women voters! - YouTube lol epic :thumbs
  2. Params7

    IPL Best-paid athletes from 182 countries

    ESPN The Magazine - The Money Issue - The best-paid athletes from 182 countries - ESPN They are without endorsements but damn at least IPL makes Indian and SL cricketers cross the 1 million mark compared to some gigantic figures from other sports and soccer players from countries I couldn't...
  3. Params7

    How's this for April Fools?

    Sports | Games and Competitions | Cricketer of the Decade | xD
  4. Params7

    IPL Match 10 Royal Challengers Bangalore v Rajasthan Royals

    Royal vs Royals! Would hate to see RR lose their 3rd match, but at the same time can't stop supporting RCB. :happy Good luck to both teams for this match
  5. Params7

    Champions League Wins.

    A brilliant final with a full house, Champions League has been a brilliant success which people thought it wouldn't be after all IPL teams exited. We saw half empty stadiums for non-IPL games but the more public got familiar with the foreign domestic teams the more attendance kept getting better...