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  1. Cricketdude

    Kendrick Lamar

    This guy is awesome, though for some reason rap has a bad reputation round here... be open minded and listen to his lyrics...tell me what you think
  2. Cricketdude

    Awesome rap/hip hop

    Some good old 2pac ---------- oops posted it in the wrong section i think? or a mod trolling? wtf I can't remember posting it into humour and jokes mods you think your funny? mattw. I know it's you...move it back to Entertainment... Actually listen to it, this isn't Lil Wayne.
  3. Cricketdude

    Would yadav be in the Australian side?

    I wonder if Yadav was Australian would he be in the Australian side?
  4. Cricketdude

    Google is down! SOPA to blame!!! US government is messing everything up. :(
  5. Cricketdude

    10 most liveable cities in the world :D

    Source : World's Most Liveable Cities: 2011 Global Liveability Survey (PHOTOS) Melbourne, Australia - #1 Melbourne topped the list of 140 cities included the 2011 Global Livability Survey, produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit. This is the first time in almost a decade that...
  6. Cricketdude

    Calling out Hooper

  7. Cricketdude

    Dubstep, house, trance!

    I dunno about you but I think it's a sick genre! :D
  8. Cricketdude


    anyone else into working out? been lifting for almost a year but i mainly mucked around. Been serious for 5 months now. lulz ---------- Turned 17 2 months ago btw
  9. Cricketdude

    wtf britain???

    Just watched Geordie Shore....and it was the basically the worst show i have ever seen.... Jersey shore is okay because of the personalities such as The Situation, Pauly D, Snooki etc. but Geordie Shore was terrible with ****s everywhere, gay accents etc etc. Hope your whole country...
  10. Cricketdude

    Aussie gaming industry shrinks 50% in 3 years

    Aussie dev industry shrinks 50% in 3 years - News at GameSpot bad news for cricket i guess
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    I am on the 2nd season now. This show is awesome :D
  12. Cricketdude

    This forum is dieing

    I remember when cricket discussion was filled with discussion and your topic would be on the 2nd page before too long. Now something that was posted 2 days ago is still the last post sometimes. RIP planetcricket you stopped living the moment Australian cricket died. 2000s-2008
  13. Cricketdude

    Who will win the ashes? (poll)

    Be interesting to see what the general opinion is :)
  14. Cricketdude

    NBA 2k11 "best sports game of this generation"

    NBA 2K11 Review - PlayStation 3 Review at IGN Wow, might get this one even if I am not a massive fan of basketball.
  15. Cricketdude

    Pacman on google

    this is amazing!
  16. Cricketdude

    Tiger woods admits to affair with 120 women

    holy crap :eek: Tiger Woods had 120 affairs - US reports |
  17. Cricketdude

    Carl Williams killed! Probably a good thing.
  18. Cricketdude

    PSN game trading

    I have COD WaW bundle maps. Anyone have grand turismo or something good?
  19. Cricketdude

    Is the 'Golden Era' B.S?

    Its crap. To me its just one of those 'yeah haha, grade 7 was the funniest year because all this ████ happened...'. P.C is fine at the moment. It doesn't need to change.