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  1. Hardball

    Is it possible to play on hardest level without any markers in pro cam mode?

    Anyone playing like this? If yes how do you judge the line, it's length etc...? Thanks
  2. Hardball

    Opponent team changed during gameplay!

    I was playing against england a casual test match & all of a sudden team changed to netherland. Everything got changed score etc...Anyone had this issue before? Playing on pc (steam), there are no issues with pc.
  3. Hardball

    Batting Pro Mode Camera Full Lengh Delivery not visible.

    I am using pro mode camera for batting and when the bowler bowls full length delivery I can’t see when it pitches. I have a pitch marker and aerial Batsmen aerial marker on. All other length deliveries are visible. I don’t know where to place foot since I can’t see where the ball landed for full...
  4. Hardball

    How to check the form of the players?

    I don't see it in players details page.
  5. Hardball

    Women’s career mode International lineup mess

    Hi, I have been selected to women’s international team in all formats, started as a new custom player. Then given a role of captain and told to select lineup of 11 from 20 players but i don’t see players from my custom made international team players. Only 2 players even though my custom players...