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  1. grkrama

    Anybody into cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin has taken its own this year and a lot of cryptos cropping up, have invested in a few, want to know if others here have done if so in what currencies etc.
  2. grkrama

    Batting Tutorial Vids

    I guess a few of you guys have struggled a bit after patch 3, and are still coming to grips with the batting. Now while most of the batting is self explanatory. for those who have trouble glancing from out side off or on drive onloft thought will put the vids here to help. Im yet to master...
  3. grkrama

    VVS Laxman Vs AUS

    One of the classiest players, his wrist work is incomparable. artist at work when he gets going. Star Sports | Flashback 2008: Laxman continues his love affair with SCG
  4. grkrama

    TOP 10 Test Centuries - from Masterly batting by Patrick Ferriday and Dave Wilson

    Masterly Batting is an attempt to rate centuries and get the top 100, while there can never be comparisons across eras, teams and conditions etc. The list showcases soem of the best innings of cricket and worth a look. Only changes imo would be move Lara up and probably get laxman 281,' back...
  5. grkrama

    Early Sachin Videos

    This thread is going to be a collection of Sachin 's knocks in the early part of his career when he was at his attacking best. While all these are available in Youtube often cricket videos get lost in cloud without proper curating so want this thread to be a place were we can list all those...
  6. grkrama

    Leave Scoop Sweep

    One of the main stays of test cricket is being able to judge the ball on and outside off stump channel and playing or leaving it accordingly. It what gives you that sense of control in a test match. Being able to pick deliveries to go after. This part has not been implemented so well DBC or...
  7. grkrama

    Improving Batting Assist for DBC/ playing without circle marker

    Decided to turn OFF all batting assists except trail blazer and have to say really enjoyed batting without the circle marker around the ball, this way im able to pick the line easily as well as timing is greatly improved. you guys can see how natural it is, this was played on legend difficulty...
  8. grkrama

    Slowest century / maximum balls faced

    Post your slowest grinded out centuries ,as well as maximum balls you have faced in an innings. Screen shots and difficulty level would be cool to have.
  9. grkrama

    PC: Awards

    Our PC community has existed and thrived around cricket for a long time, even though we may not be particularly a game review site, no one can review or know a cricket game better than us. While the various developers who have engaged us from dbc, or real cricket or cricket heroes etc already...
  10. grkrama

    Getting ball to bounce of the pitch with drives

    Im not able to have the straight drives bounce of the pitch, even well timed ones seem to travel over the pitch and bound of the ground only after crossing the pitch.I have been able to beat the bowler a few times,but the thing is with drives without using any trigger, haven't seen the ball...
  11. grkrama

    A quick tut to get modding in DBC

    This is a quick tip to get started. 1.First up go to the the directory were dbc demo is installed you will find a DBC file. 2.Extract file to a folder of your convenience. 3.Now go to C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\My Games and create a folder named "Don...
  12. grkrama

    Grkrama Downloads

    i tried replacing a few textures ross, but its not showing in academy, dont know if im doing something wrong, but one thing is, the folder created in my games reads cricket academy beta instead of don bradman cricket 14 like you said
  13. grkrama

    DBC 14 Modding for PC

    The PC version of DBC is going to be by far the best version of DBC once it releases, but what will make it even more enjoyable is the gazillion mods that are going to be available for it and for the first time a cricket game dev has openly stated to support modding. While its a little early...
  14. grkrama

    HB studios Working on Cricket

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but HB studios seem to be working on a cricket game according to this site. What kind of opportunities are you looking for?: Full SKU development, work-for-hire and co-development projects on PC, console and mobile; branding and sponsorship partners...
  15. grkrama

    Is this the greatest Trio ever Lara, SRT, Ponting

    This three little men have have given a lot to cricket fans allover the world,are they the best trio to live and entertain us in the same era ? There has been a lot of argument about who among them is the best , but with their retirements is the golden era of cricket over. Was this the Decade...
  16. grkrama

    IND vs NZ 3rd ODI miracle explained via twitterati

    The 3rd ODI match between India & Newzealand that took place in Auckland on 25.01.14 ended in a nail biting finish, with the match ending in tie and India still alive in the series . Here is the match report as it unfolded on twitter: After a fantastic knock from Guptill and Kane...
  17. grkrama

    UnderGround Cricket Match

    Just found this on youtube thought would share this unusual match here
  18. grkrama

    My Review of CA Nets

    Hi finally got my controller and got around to play CA :D.Pretty impressed by what BA have done ,so here's my review of it Graphics : Pros-The visuals are excellent ,the level of detail is pretty high(every object seems carefully done ),from shadows,reflection,to highres player model ,color...
  19. grkrama

    Make Ashes 13 game code opensource

    We need a due apology to this community from Trickstar not only in words but also action and a good way to do that is to release the whole game or atleast core game code opensource so that over time the community maybe able to do something of it, esp since its made with unity engine. This...
  20. grkrama

    Enb based atmosphere enhancement mod for Cricket 07

    HI guys checking in planet cricket after a long time,its heartening to see the amount of mods, out there. This is a simple enb based graphics mod ,i have used the gta SA ENB preset and tweaked it for a better lightning in Cricket 07, Anyone having a discrete graphics card can use this...