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  1. khaleel

    Sri Lankan Premier League 7: Round 4 posted. Back on track

    What's happening?? ---- Read the rules. They're important, mahnnn! -------------------------- --Hall Of Fame-- Season VI--Season 5--Season 4--Season 3--Season 2--Season 1
  2. khaleel

    Champions League-Fair??

    Has it ever occurred to you why there is no team from Pakistan playing in the Champions League tournament,when it was initially decided there would be atleast one team from each of the top 10 cricketing nations?why aren't there any teams from Bangladesh,Zimbabwe,Ireland and the likes?why are...
  3. khaleel

    kh92 Studios:Original Artworks?::Under construction..BBL coming!!

    Kits Section Umpire Imaginary Kit-Download and previews Queensland Bulls Kit-Download and previews Derbyshire Falcons Kit-Download and Preview Durham Dynamos Kit-Download and preview Deccan Chargers Kit-Download and preview Umpire kit v2.0-Download and preview Durban Dolphins...