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  1. kurtkz

    Cricket Heroes Mobile

    It's happening...sometime... (screenshot taken on my Wileyfox Swift)
  2. kurtkz

    DigiSims/Cricket Heroes

    Hi all, I'd like to introduce our online simulator - DigiSims (Digisims) It is still in (public) beta but it works quite well and has been used for several of the leagues here on PC. We're still continuously updating it and tweaking the simulation as new reports come in and we'll be releasing...
  3. kurtkz

    Cricket Heroes Mods

    The thread to share all your Cricket Heroes mods...
  4. kurtkz

    Commentary Testing (please ignore)

    This thread is to test PCPL text commentary. Please ignore this. The new batsman is Shane Watson. The new batsman is Brad Haddun. The new bowler is Jacques Kullas. Jacques Kullas to Shane Watson, 1nb, 126.84kph, It seams away just off the straight. Spanked through the off side. Great...
  5. kurtkz

    Feature Requests & Suggestions

    Hi all, please use this thread to request new features or modes for Cricket Heroes. Anything goes as long as it's a reasonable request :) Kind regards Kurt
  6. kurtkz

    Cricket Heroes - testing & feedback

    This will be the new thread for all Cricket Heroes related testing and feedback. Updates will be placed in this 1st post for easy access and each update will be time-stamped, dated and will have an update log attached. Rules - constructive criticism please guys - don't just say XYZ doesn't...
  7. kurtkz

    Live Cricket 2008-2009

    Live Cricket 2008 V2 Hi all, I've been working on a 2D arcade/sim cricket game (similar to Final Over that never appeared on the Amiga) on and off for the last few months. It's at the point where the player can actually play a complete inning against the computer/another human but I'd like to...