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  1. Gamer Pradosh

    Cricket 19 : Livestream Thread

    Live streaming the game , add the link here.. @WealeyH you could use this for easy access..
  2. Gamer Pradosh

    Cricket 19 : Gameplay Videos: Vids without description and context will be removed!

    Add all the gameplay videos here for ease of access when people want to check it out.. Wealey Stream Video.. Test Bowling Gameplay.. *New* Continuation of the above match by Wealey Cricket 19: ODI Gameplay 5 overs [Hardest Difficulty] *New* Cricket 19 : Five5 Match Online Coop Gameplay.
  3. Gamer Pradosh

    Legit Free Game Thread

    This is a thread I am creating to post free games offered from any sites.. So if anyone comes across any free games offers kindly post here.. The free games posted here are legit games offered by sites as an offer or a giveaway , nothing related to piracy in any sense...
  4. Gamer Pradosh

    My thoughts for the future iteration for BA cricketing series

    So this is something I have done with the future iteration of the game in mind and had compiled those ideas and views into a document which I have converted to image files for ease of reading. The sole purpose of this thread is for us all to have a healthy discussion for the next version of...
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    AMA Lets Do This..

    Not sure what I am getting into but thought of giving this a try.. So lets do this..
  6. Gamer Pradosh

    Story My Ashes Story

    Hi guys, I thought of sharing my Ashes journey with the tweak I have tried..Got these after removing the Decal folder to a different place and playing without any logos , teams.. The AI plays very realistically now and I am loving it...I tried everything to get them out but AI was too sensible...
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    Ashes Cricket - Live Stream Thread

    Created this thread just for people to post whenever they are going live as posting in other threads it gets mixed up..No other discussions here, just "I am going live now" and <LINK>
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    Match,Tour & Competition Experiences

    Now that game will be out in a day or two players could share their match or any type of series they play. Please mention: Match/Tour type, Difficulty and Type of match.. Have fun and share the fun with us too..:D Videos, pics and even other graphical stats are very much welcomed...:)
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    Post your Highest Score

    Started this for people to share their highest score after yesterday's update.. And also to show off my highest score..:p
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    Cricket Academy Version 0.0.73 Discussion

    DBC17 Demo - Release 0.0.73 Live Now posted by RedElsie @ 11:23AM on September 23, 2016 Hi everyone, A new update is now available with a new batting training game! The update notes are as follows: - New batting mini-game. - Hair improvements. - Stability improvements. Size: 2.4GB
  11. Gamer Pradosh

    Academy Version 0.0.71 Discussion

    DBC17 Demo - New Update Community Announcements - HBK619 Hi everyone, A new update is now live. The update notes are as follows: - Unlock equipment for players and teams. - Ability to place logos on equipment. - Ability to change the pitch properties in the nets and SCG. Posted just now on...
  12. Gamer Pradosh

    Academy release 0.0.69 - discussion

    Its LIVE guys...:D DBC17 Demo - Release 0.0.69 Live Now NEW CAMERA OPTION Pro Cam NEW SHOTS Helicopter Shot (Unorthodox + Straight Shot) Lofted sweep (Unorthodox + Back Left Diagonal on Right Stick - Based on Right Handed Batsman) Reverse sweep (Unorthodox + Back Right Diagonal on Right...
  13. Gamer Pradosh

    Created Players, Logos, Uniforms and Stadiums

    Guys post your creations in here..Would be great to see realistic players which is made possible with the latest engine in the Don Bradman Cricket 17 Academy..:thumbs
  14. Gamer Pradosh

    Fielding Experience for the Next Version

    So as we have started discussing very useful thoughts and ideas to make the batting and bowling part of the game I thought of making a thread to discuss the thoughts and ideas to make fielding in the game better...
  15. Gamer Pradosh

    Co-op Moments

    Share your moments experienced in the newly added 2 vs AI and soon to be added 2 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 ...
  16. Gamer Pradosh

    Xbox One Xbox One Username Thread for Online Matchups

    Post your XB1 username for online matches here...
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    PS4 PS4 Username Thread for Online Matchups

    Post your PSN ID for PS4 online matches here...
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    Career Stats

    I thought that many including me are interested in sharing their stats of the career player..So we can share that in here...They can post their stats in the format below...And please only stats post and discussions only on their stats nothing else..Thanks in advance... Career Player Name...
  19. Gamer Pradosh

    Match,Tour & Competition Experiences

    Creating this as there is no thread to share match experiences in one place except for career mode...So people can share theirs here... Please write the type of match and the difficulty level at the top of the posts....
  20. Gamer Pradosh

    Best Bowling Figures

    Post your best bowling figures... Let's see the various bowling specialists in the forum. Match Type: Difficulty: Bowler: Bowler type: Best bowling figure: Note:Post the bowling figure in the above format..:)