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  1. AHP28

    The Rating Game

    So this is a pretty interesting new game I'd like to start here. It's as the title suggests, and the rules are quite simple. You post to rate a certain thing on the scale of 1 to 10 (let it be any person, character game, book, status, anything at all. There are no restrictions) and another...
  2. AHP28

    Real Cricket Real Cricket 20

    @mav77mortal and Nautilus Mobile have launched the 2020 version of the Real Cricket game. Here are some major changes in the game: New Multiplayer Modes - 2v2,COOP,Spectate Multiplayer Matches Spectate option with Facebook Friends Highlights Recording option and Recording own Commentary and...
  3. AHP28

    AMA Post anniversary AMA

    I wanted to do an AMA for a long time and thought of doing it at ny first anniversary. But I thought why not a bit early? So here it is! Ask me anything and nothing but anything :) Have a good day!
  4. AHP28

    DBC 14 vs DBC 17 vs Ashes Cricket

    Hello, I am AHP28. I had viewed some review threads from the DBC and ashes forums but I was confused because the threads I viewed had both pros and frustating cons about the mentioned games, so I could not figure out which game was better. So In this thread give your opinions about the mentioned...