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  1. toby123

    Story Rise of Scott Richardson

    This is the story of a young controversial 15 year old boy, and his journey through club cricket and turning professional. Scott Richardson, an Allrounder who bowls Medium Fast and bats in the middle order. He is a well known figure in the Berkshire Buckinghamshire and Oxforshire Cricket League...
  2. toby123

    Drafts New Zealand Premier League with @joejoe018!

    The NZPL-New Zealand Premier League This is a simulation league It will be managed by myself and @joejoe018 It will be a 50 over tournament It will feature 6 teams, 4 out of the 6 teams then go into semi finals(1st playing 4th and 2nd playing 3rd). There will be 10 rounds of drafts, each...
  3. toby123

    England vs Australia Ashes 2015

    I was reading an article on BBC recently BBC Sport - England's Ashes issues: Moeen Ali, Sam Robson and bowlers And included in this article was Micheal Vaughan's 2015 Ashes XI: 1. Alastair Cook 2. Alex Hales 3. Gary Ballance 4. Ian Bell 5. Joe Root 6. Ben Stokes 7. Jos Buttler 8. Moeen Ali 9...
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    Signups Open The Planet Cricket World League(14 Captains Needed)

    This is going to be a world league with imaginary teams, there will be 3 divisions, each with 5 teams. Each member is allowed up to 3 players. Signup Form: Division 1 Player Name: Nationality: Captaincy?(If yes please give a team name, Eg.Yorkshire Wolves): Role and Batting Position: Retired...
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    360: Xbox League

    Hi, Is anyone interested in helping me set up a league on Xbox 360. I don't want to do this by myself as last time I tried this I failed. Please reply if you are interested in helping me or signing up to play. Thanks
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    Linking Players

    Hi guys, I am very technical with my stats and players, but I have heard that batsmen open the bowling sometimes etc. I was wondering how easy it is to link players individually and how long it takes.
  7. toby123

    360: Xbox League

    Hi guys, I am thinking of setting up a new league for the Xbox, would anyone be interested in signing up? This is not a definite league and may not actually happen. This is a fantasy format league with no overseas restrictions.
  8. toby123

    360: Indian Xbox Premier League-IXPL

    Hi Guys, This is the Indian Premier League thread, This was originally a English League but we have decide to change it. The Format Teams consist of 15 players, 5 overseas(4 of which can play in starting XI) Each team will play each other once. The top 4 teams we then progress through to a...
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    Xbox 360 English League

    Sorry guys we are moving to a new thread, the link for it is below: This post goes especially to
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    Bowling in Cricket14

    I have started this thread because I thought people would like to talk about the bowling in Cricket14 as I noticed that there are no threads for bowling. So what will you use spin or pace???
  11. toby123

    Wicket-Keeping in Cricket 14

    I was wondering if the wicket-keeper career mode will be in 1st person like the batting.