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  1. _Nabeel_

    Human 3d modelling!

    After lot of days,Update on the human modelling :D This time fully completed and textured...
  2. _Nabeel_

    BAS is recruiting for Next-Gen titles on Playstation4 and Xbox One

    How about distant work??? I can do some work from here in India,BTW I am doing Architecture(B.Arch) and so i can do some environment work for you,plus I have experience in character modelling and normal mappings... Just a glimpse of my work: Also,I was a 3D Modeller in TAOC team :P...
  3. _Nabeel_

    Screenshot Easter Egg (BINGO)

    Wowwwyyyy....:eek: Such a great stuff...Let me be clear,everygame has its own environment which relates it to the real world and to be honest,your environment setup in the game is far far away from other games made till now. EA cricket has its typical type of environment(Surely not related...
  4. _Nabeel_

    First Screenshots Released

    Thats what I am saying......"DETAILS"..
  5. _Nabeel_

    First Screenshots Released

    Yeah..looks alot like TAOC.. BTW few criticisms here, The lighting is done too seeing the trees,kits,and stadium all over,I can tell that very bright lighting intensity has been used There is not much detail in any thing,maybe because it is in an early stage.No...
  6. _Nabeel_

    Hindi Cinema Discussion

    watched RaOne today...first day first show...fantastic movie...Best among all other superhero movies till now and great quality of VFX and 3d work...Amazing movie to watch!!
  7. _Nabeel_

    England In India - October 2011/12

    I think Yusuf Pathan or Irfan Pathan will be chosen back into the squad...Don't know but have some gut feeling about this... for Fast bowlers,Laxmi Balaji is a good option for the selectors,for spinners I think Pragyan Ojha will be most probably dropped and R Ashwin,Harbhajan and a new spinner...
  8. _Nabeel_

    Eid Mubarak!

    May God rain down his blessings and mercies upon all of you(and tornadoes & cyclone of blessings upon me :P) on this special day...Eid Mubarak!
  9. _Nabeel_

    England In India - October 2011/12

    don't you think we can have Waseem Jaffer as an opener in Test team.he have a decent test record. I think Zaheer can still play for India atleast for 2 more years.His replacement in Indian team is too difficult to find.Laxmi Balaji is a very good option but he might also be of same age as...
  10. _Nabeel_

    22 Yards - The Battleground (PC/XBOX 360) - Some Eye Candies in the Thread

    May I help you on something(eg Player model etc.) I am having some potential at 3d modelling.I think I may help you at some areas,I am not promising to be full time but I will be trying my level best to give you the required models at time. BTW,I might ask for some as I need to get new...
  11. _Nabeel_

    Zaheer Khan vs James Anderson

    Zaheer is better than Anderson.His comeback will prove it.
  12. _Nabeel_

    Umpire animations wanted - will pay.

    would you like to have an animation of the umpire made by 3d renders(3d umpire model)? I would be needing some time to get ready the umpire model before making that as an anim.(If you choose your anim to be like this)
  13. _Nabeel_

    TAOC Discussion

    re-download the file.
  14. _Nabeel_

    EA Sports Cricket 2011

    Yes,most probably they will buy it.... BTW,taking Indian market seriously also means that the rate per copy should be kept according to the budget of Indian people,not the U.K. or Australian rates... If it were so,then half of the war against piracy in India would have been won...
  15. _Nabeel_

    EA Sports Cricket 2011

    They did not made more profit than their other franchises because they never took the Indian market that seriously...They published their games in other countries quite well but when it comes to Indian market,only some chosen stores in the whole country have their original copy,rest of the...
  16. _Nabeel_

    It is here - finally - alpha 0.1 released!!!!

    The formalities are still going on...Once the formalities are done,then you could see a great progress in the work... :)
  17. _Nabeel_

    22 Yards - The Battleground (PC/XBOX 360) - Some Eye Candies in the Thread

    Ooh sorry..I didn't knew the meaning of P.O.C...hehe :p Great going..good luck :)
  18. _Nabeel_

    3d models for TAOC

    Nice details there monzi...But the grip could have been better,plus the width of the Willow should be more. BTW,Try on a about making one for New Zealand or West Indies?
  19. _Nabeel_

    3d models for TAOC

    Don?t worry about poly count.So far its under 10000.The seats are 2.5D,I have made a curved 2D plane on which a detailed normal map is applied and then an alpha map onto it which gives it a 3D illusion.We have a budget of around 50000-70000 polys,so its better to make include as much details as...