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  1. ddrap14

    ddrap's Football Analysis Thread

    So I've made a new thread as I don't want to clog the transfer thread with my writings that may or may not be related to transfers. If there's a better place for this do please let me know but for now I've put it here. First up, an evaluation of the windows for the Premier League clubs! I'll do...
  2. ddrap14

    Draft: The RLG Draft

    A while ago I had an idea for a completely different kind of RNG draft. With some other drafts winding down, it's time for me to introduce the Random List Generator Draft! This draft will be more similar to some drafts run in the past by @Aislable (there may be others I have missed, if so, many...
  3. ddrap14

    Tokyo 2021

    Figured a thread for Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games wouldn't go amiss. Looking forward to it- even if it's going to be different due to the virus, it's always a good time
  4. ddrap14

    England: Hopefully An Actual Rebuild This Time

    So, I enjoyed my South Africa series (and I hope you did too). But there were some things I didn't like. The limited overs games- on CC at least, I find them tedious and annoying. All the awards and records-keeping; I did enjoy the actual records but the hall of fame and awards (barring the...
  5. ddrap14

    Draft: The RNG Draft: Next Level

    It's the return of the RNG Draft that I've been teasing for a few days! Read the rules very carefully for this one, even if you played the first RNG draft, because this has an important and subtle tweak! How will it work? 1. I'll filter Cricinfo's search to include Test, ODI and major T20...
  6. ddrap14

    AMA Everyone Else Is Doing It So Why Shouldn't I

    Fairly self explanatory this. Ask me anything! Just please keep it SFW
  7. ddrap14

    South Africa: Road to Repair

    The year is 2019. Cricket South Africa is at breaking point. Tensions about selection policy, quotas and poor performance have led the entire board to be sacked and Australian executive Dylan Ddrap to be hired as a replacement. Will this be a golden era for South Africa, or will it be the death...
  8. ddrap14

    Draft: The RNG Draft

    It's draft time! I know that my ongoing BBL was/is not very good. That's to be expected for a first try IMHO. I think this was because of three things: 1. A lack of interested participants 2. Some confusing rules 3. Stop-start selections caused by 1. So I hope to learn from these and deliver an...
  9. ddrap14

    OTHER Goal Pro Soccer

    It may just be me who uses this thread but I think it's worthwhile anyway. My search for a PCCS/CS09-esque sim for soccer eventually took me to this simulator, and it well... does the trick! Sure it could be more precise but it's the only one that exists. Some matches coming soon!
  10. ddrap14

    Post Line-ups World T20: The greatest final in cricket history

    This was an idea given to me by @Maheer who doesn't have the time to run it. Due to a slowdown in both of my other projects (one I'm waiting on being able to get my edited source code working, the other my father needs to be around for as well and he's often busy), I do. Welcome to the...
  11. ddrap14

    Playthrough: Australia

    I'm going to do a international save with my favourite country, Australia. We have some issues at the moment, so it will be interesting! Important posts: Caps List (Test): Caps List (LO)...
  12. ddrap14

    Draft: All-Time BBL Draft

    This is going to be an interesting one. As I say above, it's a all time BBL draft. But there's several catches: * Each person involved in the draft picks a team. (e.g. I'll take Brisbane Heat, my hometown club) * You are only eligible to pick players who have played for that team. (e.g. I can't...
  13. ddrap14

    Story CSL: It's time for trades

    I think the title sums it up. This is going to be a BBL|10 story/sim but it's in a three year old game. FAQS: * I will be playing the home team for each match, my father (who is actually not a bad player) will be away. * International callups will be simulated as accurately as I can (I do have...