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  1. _Nabeel_

    Tutorial: 3d modeling Tutorial:Serie 1

    Hello guys,I planned to release a tutorial series,at least one tutorial per week. The following tutorial is of modelling a small 3d wooden cabin.This model is easiest as it do not includes the complicated things. In this week,I have introduced only these tools of 3ds max: Move Rotate Scale...
  2. _Nabeel_

    WWE Raw Arena 3D!

    Hello guys...I am working on a project(its a mod for a game called Wrestling Mpire08)...I took the charge of making I started up with WWE Raw arena...and just now completed the stage...Just wanted to show you guys my 3d skills:D FeedBack please:yes
  3. _Nabeel_

    Merging cricket games!

    The thread is right...I posted as I want to ask Is it Legal to merge the player body models of other game to other game.... I thought that we can make a better cricket Patch,by merging the games...I liked the gameplay of EA cricket 2004,and graphics of BLC and Ashes cricket,want to ask will it...
  4. _Nabeel_

    3rd March-"The Battlefield"

    Hey guys... You read it right,3rd March the day when I would enter into the confusing world of Board Exams...:D I am a student of High School of ICSE board and our first exam would be English Language(Grammer),I am bit confused(not bit but totally) as I really don't know what should I do to...
  5. _Nabeel_

    PC shoutbox

    Hello admins,this is the first time that I interfered in the feature list of PC.... no doubt PC is one of the best forums but one thing is missing.... If their would be a shoutbox like in many other forums,this would help inbinding up the people together and would make PC a much more...
  6. _Nabeel_

    Human 3d modelling!

    Hey guys.... Since I was free for a while and was getting bored,also since TWC4 is released,I thought of reviving and upgrading my 3d skills.... In my view,human modelling is the most difficult part in 3d modelling and I thought of having some modelling on this.... I started with legs for now...
  7. _Nabeel_

    New Wrestling:TWC4 released!

    A new wrestling patch is released(of which i am a member) called TWC4 Fight! which has surpassed all the other games till now either on PS3 or Xbox or PC.... Basically its a patch for a crappy game Wrestling Mpire 08 but you dont need this game to use the patch...The patch itself consists the...
  8. _Nabeel_

    My first animation!

    hello friends.... Its my first animation on 3dsmax over a ladder falling and closing.... It has been done for a TWC4 mod(a total conversion mod for WrestlingMpire08)... I dont know how it looks,just thought to share it:D
  9. _Nabeel_

    Detail Texture Template(DTT)

    here are the detailed texture templates(DTT) of CR for the kit makers.... a kind of background for making kits attached shirt,trouser and pads....
  10. _Nabeel_

    Power Soccer

    has any one have played this game... its a massive online multiplayer game with OK graphics and a huge users playing the game...
  11. _Nabeel_

    Want to play CR on low end PC-Follow these steps

    Hello mates!I have made this thread for the users having low end PCs and are being disappointed after seeing the minimum requirements of Cricket Revolution. A great news for them is you can play CR on low end pc and i am successful to run that game. If you first run the game after installing,It...
  12. _Nabeel_

    3dsmax mental ray help

    hello.... i was trying to render my 3d model with mental ray...and seen some tutorials on net but now suffering with a problem. I first created daylight system and then tried to modify it changing it to mr Sun and mr Skylight.... but when i selected on modify tab,and tried to change to sun to...
  13. _Nabeel_

    Classic Cricket!

    hello guys,i got an idea to make a small cricket game known as Classic Cricket which would have only batting option and no bowling option.It will be a small game for little bit of enjoyment of our cricket fans. You would be absolutely laughing that everyday,one person comes and says that he...
  14. _Nabeel_

    Cricket 3D

    i found suddenly this site which is of a game known as cricket 3d..... screenshots look average to me but not played this demo yet as it only runs in Mac..... Site: Cricket 3D: the Cricket game for Mac OS X
  15. _Nabeel_

    Wallpapers Shop(WC)

    Here is the wallpapers... No Request No Regular Posting...Solely dedicated to my mood.... not professional with wallpapers Made this one when working for TAOC
  16. _Nabeel_

    Trine's Cricket 10

    hello guys,i just found the new images updated by trinegames... this game is looking very very promising... Screenies,they posted: Site:Game Development, Game Development India, Games, PC Games, Console Games
  17. _Nabeel_

    Signature Shop!!

    Hello guys,i was thinking from a long time to start a Signature Shop thread... Follow these steps: 1: post the Request in this thread. 2:If you want a signature with a Sports Star or anyone,then post the Picture of that star here and i will make a Signature of It. 3:Only four...
  18. _Nabeel_

    Stadium Editor

    As it is confirmed that there would be a Stadium Editor for TAOC,therefore it is injustice to it for not making a seperate thread for Stadium Editor(SE).Discuss everything about SE here and help in its progress..... Current team for SE- 1-Lazy_chesnut(Tom)-for 3d work & coding...
  19. _Nabeel_

    3d models for TAOC

    post your 3d models and textures which you have made for TAOC and then legend master and JKartik will decide whether they are ready for TAOC or not....:cool::cool: