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    Freddie Flintoff's Power Play Cricket

    I'm surprised there isn't already a thread for this. Should be coming out in the next few weeks. My sister has a DS so I'll consider grabbing this. Freddie Flintoff's Power Play Cricket for DS - GameSpot Freddie Flintoff’s Powerplay Cricket Exclusive Look - CricketGaming
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    Australia Decides: An Australian Government Story

    With the Australian polls coming up exactly a month and a day from today I had a stroke of genius; to do an interactive story on the election. Here's the deal; There will be two sides, the Labour party and the Liberal party. An even number of members will make up each side, and then amongst...
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    I vunt to suck your blooood

    Welcome to Sachin Tendulkar's Official Opus Website Sachin Tendulkar will be writing a book for charity, selling at apporximately $74,911 in the green back. That's right, and you know why? Ten copies, which have all been pre-ordered, will have the signature page signed in blood. C3032...
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    PlanetCricket - The Card Game

    Saw this on another forum, and it's pretty great for a laugh and some fun. Trading Card: Turn your photos into trading cards! Those are the card types. An example card would be:
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    Another international draft?

    It's been a while since the ODI draft. Why not have another? It was pretty fun last time, when it was active anyway. Toss in some ideas, and maybe we can find a good one. Sign-up as well, limiting it to 5-8. And we'll choose the more active members. A few ides of mine: ODI players who have...
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    Six boards reject John Howard for ICC role

    Six boards reject John Howard for ICC role Cricket Australia is waiting to confirm whether John Howard has failed in his push to become the ICC's vice-president following a move from six countries to block the appointment. The position taken by the board members on Tuesday night was believed...
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    The 'Cricket Media' thread

    Changed the thread title lmao. Post your cricket related media here.
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    Your great wins, losses, draws and ties in International Cricket 2010

    There's one for most games so I figured we needed one for this game too! Scorecards would be great if possible.
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    Australian keepers battle

    I'm bored, and haven't created a thread in ages so here's another one from Gazza 'Thread-starter' T. Tim Paine eyes potential Test debut | Cricket News | England v Australia 2010 | Looks like Tim Paine has been called up to replace Brad Haddin in the ODI squad to play England...
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    Australian Tour of India, October 2010/11

    Test Match Series - Border/Gavaskar Trophy? October 2-6 First Test - Mohali October 10-14 Second Test - Bangalore ODI Series October 19 First ODI - Kochi October 22 Second ODI - Goa October 24 Third ODI - Vishakapatnam BCCI requests Australia for Tests In its quest to maintain India's No.1...
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    Best bowling combination

    Who do you reckon forms the best bowling combination in the tournament? For mine it's the Australian pace bowling treble. Just that sheer pace, combined with accuracy would be almost impossible to face without diapers. Plus some good spin to back it up, and Shane Watson's swinging medium...
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    Melbourne - Sporting capital of the world 2010

    We're sport's champion city again | Herald Sun MELBOURNE has been named the world's Ultimate Sports City for the third time, despite some tough competition from 25 other international capitals. Sydney, Singapore, Vancouver and even 2012 Olympic host London couldn't match the Victorian...
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    Wisden Cricketer's Almanack

    Wisden celebrates England's Ashes - England's journey from 'Shambles to Shangri-La' Wisden celebrates England's Ashes - England's journey from 'Shambles to Shangri-La' *** The Wisden Test XI 1 Virender Sehwag (India) 2 Andrew Strauss (England) 3 Gautam Gambhir (India) 4 Sachin...
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    Cricinfo's All-time XI's

    Just realised this is still going on :/ Followed the Australian one, and then lost interest. The XI's picked so far are: Australia Victor Trumper Arthur Morris Don Bradman Greg Chappell Allan Border Keith Miller Adam Gilchrist+ Shane Warne Bill O'Reilly Dennis Lillee Glenn McGrath...