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  1. lewbis05

    Which is your favourite soccer player

    can't decide it is either: fernando torres steven gerrard
  2. lewbis05

    English Football Thread 2012/2013

    liverpool will win for me
  3. lewbis05

    Back to Hogwarts | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    i have already watched the film it is good
  4. lewbis05

    I'm Addicted (call of duty world at war 2.liverpool f.c.
  5. lewbis05

    General Music Thread

    boom boom pow is amazing song
  6. lewbis05

    Mitchell Johnson or James Anderson?

    anderson is better
  7. lewbis05

    Wrestling thread

    has anyone noticed that smackdown has no storyline anymore and raw has all the main storylines
  8. lewbis05


    ricky hatton rules he is the best
  9. lewbis05

    Schumi is back

    now ferrari are going to win
  10. lewbis05

    Football Transfers Thread

    i can't believe how many good players madrid have signed united have lost ronaldo that is good advantage for liverpool to win the league
  11. lewbis05

    United's best player.

    it has to be vidic he is well good
  12. lewbis05

    UFC 2009 Undisputed

    it is a well good game
  13. lewbis05

    Top Gear's back! [Vote on the best Stig line ever]

    the celebrity love island one is well funny:laugh
  14. lewbis05

    Xbox 360 vs PS3

    i think the xbox 360 is well better than the ps3
  15. lewbis05

    next wimbeldon

    who do you think will win the next wimbledon in male just write your answer below
  16. lewbis05


    well in there not alot of people get a hatrick in a over
  17. lewbis05

    What are you listening to now?

    one and only by fall out boy and timberland
  18. lewbis05

    So guess what?...I'm a dad now!!

    congratulations your daughter is nearly 1 and i like the name ellie
  19. lewbis05

    What Was The Last Thing/s You Bought? Thread

    lynx diodrant
  20. lewbis05

    Which is the Best Games production Company?

    it has to be konami because they made pes