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  1. LiamCobra

    Cricket 19 General Discussion

    Yo community. Let's say I want to update most of the teams in-game with new kits, rosters and stadiums, but I want to keep the player models I have collected over time. Can I just delete all logos, unlink the teams, then download the updated versions? Will my player models go into those teams or...
  2. LiamCobra

    South African domestic cricket restructure.

    Hi community. For those who don't follow South African domestic cricket, they've decided on a restructuring of domestic cricket. For the last 15 years, it's been a 6-team franchise system. They've now reverted it back to what it previously was with the teams been made of provinces or cricket...
  3. LiamCobra


    I thought someone must have done it like this before. Must have missed it coming into the community pretty late, but sick to know nonetheless. Must say though, I've not found it too OP. I play on the hardest difficulty for bowling and fielding and then a Custom Difficulty for batting, and...
  4. LiamCobra


    I've been using Perks in a different way to a lot of what I've seen others do. I understand that perks are mostly useful for career play, but I don't play career mode on this game and have used the perks to get more accurate player ratings and player differences into the squads. So for...
  5. LiamCobra

    The AI against spin

    I found bowling to be more balanced when you put the bowling difficulty on the hardest. Smaller margin for error, which makes it more likely for you to bowl a ball that misses your desired mark, giving the AI a scoring opportunity. Bowling on hard is a bit too easy because you can put the ball...
  6. LiamCobra

    Cricket 19 General Discussion

    Thanks for the reply! Was after some new kits for South African domestic. Managed to get them by searching the teams' individual name and putting a search restriction for things uploaded in the last month. Was easy to find with the reduced results!
  7. LiamCobra

    Cricket 19 General Discussion

    Hi guys, I'm on console and looking for a specific creator, but only have their user ID that shows up in The Academy. Does anybody know the creator behind the ID, 361998? Or is that an impossible question to answer? Thanks for any help!
  8. LiamCobra


    Hello Community, This is my first time posting on this site so forgive me if my community etiquette is inappropriate. As the Thread title says, I'm looking for South African cricket supporters and Cricket19 players in South Africa to help update kits, rosters, logos, sponsors, etc. for the new...