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  1. Naman.

    On Hold Indian Heroes League 2016 (IHL16) | Its Auction Time! | Round 1

    Introduction: The Indian Heroes League is a league which consists of T20 Competition. This league consists of 6 teams comprising of 6 states across India. The team names and the logo are to be posted by the manager willing to sign up. This squad would be made through auction system. Each team...
  2. Naman.

    Play SanAndreas Multiplayer

    please come to my server here if you have sa-mp
  3. Naman.

    Wanna Play SanAndreas MultiPlayer?

    if you have gta sanandreas then please tell me i will give you an ip of the best server on which i play :D
  4. Naman.

    In Which Postion You Want To Play?

    "In Which Postion You Want To Play" it says all i think there is nothing to explain starting with mine ST(Striker)
  5. Naman.

    Signups Open World T20 Championship

    Teams-India,Australia,Pakistan,England,SouthAfrica,SriLanka,WestIndies,NewZeland Simulator-PCCS Squad-15 Men Squad and You Just Have to Give The Original Squad From Your Team Overs-20 Over League Sign Up Form- Your Name: Team Name: Coach Name...
  6. Naman.

    FOOTBALL Controls For Fifa 12

    i have purchased a new controller to mplay fifa 12 but i can't do some of the skills like ATW,Elastico can anyone give detailed controls to do skills
  7. Naman.

    Signups Open Victorious League-Managers Needed

    hereby i announce my new league its going to be a thriller. Team Names Winning XI Dream Team The Untouchables Hot Shots The Rockers Cyclones Warriors Mighty Lions logos and banners to come soon
  8. Naman.

    Super League-Auctions Cancelled and Drafts Started

    i am staring a league please fill-up this form and the simulator will be fifa 12 Team name: Your name: Manager name: Formations: Team Name|Manager Name|Formations Tottenham F.C|Sami Khan|4-4-2/4-3-3/4-1-3-2 Team Name|Manager Name|Formations Real Madrid F.C|Sulaiman|4-4-2 , 4-1-3-2 , 4-2-4...
  9. Naman.

    International Heroes League|Match-1 Posted|

    Team Name|Manager India|sathishsky Squad 1. Shikhar Dhawan:bat: 2. Rohit Sharma:bat: 3. Guatam Gambhir:bat: 4. Virat Kohli:bat: 5. Ajinkya Rahane:bat: 6. Cheteshwar pujara:bat: 7. Suresh Raina:ar: 8. Yuvraj singh:ar: 9. M.S Dhoni:c::wkb: 10. Ravindra Jadeja:ar: 11. R...