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    Real Life friends V/S Online Friends || Share your experiences...

    Everyone has got some real life friends and being a part of PC you also have got some online friends... So who do you like more and what is the difference between online friends and real life friends and what are your views on them...
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    Best moments of PlanetCricket || Which was your best moment ?

    Many stories are written by PlanetCricket everyday. (with we, PlanetCricketers, as its Characters.) Which was/were your favorite(s) out of all of them ? The one which you enjoyed the most or the one which made you learn something new or the one which made you laugh or the one which made you...
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    What is the Meaning of Life ?

    What is the actual meaning of life ? Why are we all here (world) ? What is our purpose ? Why were we all born ?..... There surely are infinite no. of questions like the ones above but all of them have the very same answer... So tell me what do you guys think is the meaning of life ?
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    What motivates you ?

    What/Who motivates you ?
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    AMA This AMA aint dead yet... (SamSax.)

    This thread will be open forever and all the questions will be answered. You can Ask Me 'Anything'.
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    The Debates Thread || First Topic Posted.

    The Debates Thread. Though its name says it all but I would like to explain you the rules: No CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS Everyone has the right to has his/her view. Once a topic doesn't get any replies for 3 days the debate is over and a new topic will be introduced.
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    Rules are Rules; But what exactly are the rules ?

    I made this thread in case, someone on PlanetCricket had any confusion regarding rules.
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    PlanetCricketer's Choice Awards || Most Interesting Person On PlanetCricket || 1 Nominee

    Okay, So lady (Caroline) and Gentlemens, I'm back with another great idea of mine (I'd this last night when I was unable to sleep... LOL!!) In this thread, we'll first decide certain titles such as 'The Kewlest person of PlanetCricket' or 'The Cutest Person of PlanetCricket' and then we'll have...
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    Literature League [No Posts.]

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    Describe each other...

    Come on friends, I believe that this thread's gonna be fun... Here you will describe a member of PlanetCricket and rate his character out of 10... and a person who exceeds the score of 80 will be given some Vcash. The target member can be selected by anyone and rest will have to describe him...
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    Gonna change your username ? Want suggestions ?

    This was one of the most popular topic since last 15 days on PC so posting this thread... @Gravity.
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    The Quotes Thread

    You can share your favorite qoutes in this post... Let me start...
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    What features will your Dream OS have ?

    The title says it all ^
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    Requests Accepted Phosphorus Sulfide's GFX - The Start of a Looooong Journey.

    Hello Friends, This is my GFX thread And here is my first ever GFX of life, A Virat Kohli Cover.