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  1. Sonic_2021

    How to play different type of shots while batting at a particular area?

    Hi all. What I meant was, well, let's say I want to hit the ball for a six over fine leg. There are 3 types of shots I have seen so far. One is the pull shot. Other one is going behind and flicking the ball towards fine leg and other shot is putting your knee down and making room to hit the shot...
  2. Sonic_2021

    Does Pitch condition affect gameplay?

    So, I just wanted to know how the pitch condition affects gameplay............Like, does grassy means ball will swing more? Or Dusty means ball will turn more? [Sorry I don't know much about this.] I want to know how each pitch affects gameplay. Thanks :)
  3. Sonic_2021

    New Commentary Patch?

    Hi all. We all know that cricket 19 commentary is the same as ashes cricket's. The commentary is kinda boring and sometimes it is out of place. For example when the ball goes straight to the fielder. The commentator says "Oh what an effort that was headed to the boundary" So is there any new...
  4. Sonic_2021

    Dropping catches even if it is correct

    Hi all. Recently I am getting really frustrated about this bug. Because you know catches win matches right? So this is how you catch right? Bring the analog stick marker to the catching circle and confirm the catches with A or X button. I did that too. But he drops the catch. It happens...
  5. Sonic_2021

    Tips on Confidence meter

    Hi all. I played a T20 Match yesterday. I won the toss and decided to bat first. Since this is my first time playing cricket 19 I don't know much of its features and all. But even after 20 balls, the batsman confidence was I red only. For virat kohli, it was in red even after his score was like...