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  1. AngryPixel

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    Am i the only one excited about this one :p . I used to wish for such a game when i was kid. Finally Capcom has heard. Gonna grab this one as soon as it hits the shelves here.
  2. AngryPixel

    Mass Effect 3( Release Date: 6th March 2012)

    So the most awaited game of this year is almost here. I just can't wait for my preorder to arrive and step into the shoes of Shepard. Lets hope Bioware has made a epic game again and give the trilogy a deserving end. Demo has been out for over 2 weeks. Already played it and its top notch. I'm...
  3. AngryPixel

    Star Wars The Old Republic

    So finally its out. Anyone here got it yet? I've purchased it already and waiting for the download to finish. Should finish in next 4 hours.
  4. AngryPixel


    Just saw the season finale of 6th season. I have to say this was the best finale since season 4. It just came out of blue and slapped me in the face. My jaw is still on the floor. I don't wanna spoil the story for those who haven't watched yet, thus only thing i would say is that Dexter wont...
  5. AngryPixel

    Facebook Timeline...

    Just came across this nifty new feature in FB called timeline. Its pretty decent. Have a look. Uploaded with ImageShack.us So have you guys tried it yet?
  6. AngryPixel

    Star Wars Old Republic Beta Keys giveaway.

    I just found about beta-keys giveaway by RockPaperShotgun. I'm not promoting the site. I'm posting the link here to let anyone who is interested in this game have a chance to play beta. Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Giveaway | Rock, Paper, Shotgun Hurry up, only 12000 keys will be given...
  7. AngryPixel

    DC Universe Online: Its free now...

    Has anyone tried it yet? Sony has decided to join the free to play model from this month. Although there are still subscription which will give you more perks of the game but still you can try the game out now before you decide to get a subscription. I'm downloading it right now. The client is...
  8. AngryPixel

    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    I just can't wait anymore for this gem of a game. The previews of the game looks awesome. I hope this is at least as good a rpg as ME2 was, if not better. Just 4 days to go before the revolution:p ----------
  9. AngryPixel

    One month free subscription to Marvel Comics.

    Came across this promo offer of Marvel so i'm sharing it here iwth you all. Got to https://subscriptions.marvel.com/v3/pages/pg_digitalcomicssubscribe.php and Sign up using this promo code : CAP734 You'll get unlimited access for a month. Enjoy :cheers
  10. AngryPixel

    NFS Run (PC,PS3 and Xbox 360)

    About time EA understood what we really wanted. Cross country race to please the rally fans but tracks are inside city. So the race would be full of pursuits and Choppers, that will please the arcade racing fans. And for the first time, we'll see the driver in a NFS game and he can run on foot...
  11. AngryPixel

    Movie Lists

    Me and a lot of people didnt get to see some actually good movies because sometimes they are released in limited theaters only thus most of the people miss them. Or sometimes we go with critics and skip it if it got a bad review. And sometime we have missed them just because we were too young...
  12. AngryPixel

    Fable III

    Fable III Here I'm again with another RPG thread :p Yeah just love this genre and this year has been kind for it too. Witcher 2, Mass Effect 2(if you count dlcs which are released in this year :p) and now Fable 3. It is finally back on PC. It was stupid decision from microsoft to skip the...
  13. AngryPixel

    Mass Effect Thread.

    Wow, another classic without a thread. Summary "Mass Effect" will deliver an immersive, story-driven gameplay experience presented in a cinematic style with high production values, extraordinary levels of visual fidelity, incredible exploration and realistic digital actors. Players assume...
  14. AngryPixel

    The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings

    Geralt of Revia is back and no-one here noticed it.:p I've just finished the first boss fight against the monster Krayen. It was epic. I don't know why reviewers around the world are whining that this game is too hard and learning curve is steep. I say thats bullshit. If you listen to the...
  15. AngryPixel

    Your Cricket Cricket Injuries

    I just got hit yesterday 'coz i wasnt wearing full protection. So I'm all in for complete protection while playing cricket now :p I was wearing everything except thigh gaurds. They feel awkward and hinders my running. So i was opening for my side. Got a juicy full toss first up which i smaked...
  16. AngryPixel

    Nokia X6 running C6 firmware...

    Last night i finally managed to flash my x6 FW to install C6 FW which is far superior than the default X6 FW. Whats surprising is that X6 runs faster with this new FW than it did with the original one. Then Nokia wonders why its stocks is going down. They have a gun phone in X6 with a shite...
  17. AngryPixel

    Dead Space 2 [Screenshots]

    One of the most scariest game of all time is back. I don't know how i missed this but i knew there some big game hiding just around the corner when there was no big release for last 2 months. Dead Space was on of the few games that actually gave me creeps and scared me to the core :p. I...
  18. AngryPixel

    T.V Series Thread

    I was surprised that there is not thread for T.V series on PC.:eek: Its a quite common thread on most of the forums. Rather than opening a new thread for each series we can discuss them here and recommend some shows which others might have missed. These are the shows which I'm actively...
  19. AngryPixel


    I had seen this app before in beta-labs but didn't paid much attention till one of my friend showed me a video of swype running on a Android. It was a completely different approach to typing. I downloaded it from beta-labs to try out myself and its just frigging awesome. IMO t would make the...
  20. AngryPixel

    Story FTP: New York Yankees:Kriss scored a brutal 221* on his debut

    August 2010 A new low for Yankess Yankees Manager In 2010 season, Yankees had the worst possible start. They lost all 6 of their matches played in the first half of the season(3 OD and 3 T20). Fans were disappointed so was the board. Atmosphere inside the dressing room was...