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  1. StinkyBoHoon

    New Staff!

    yeah, in all honesty I haven't done a staffing thing in about 2 years and am only on the site maybe once every 4 or 5 months. beyond saying hi in the staff forum I'm not exactly doing much. I'm happy to be put out to pasture. good luck with the new gig guys.
  2. StinkyBoHoon

    11th and 12th team to get Test status: Afghanistan and Ireland

    tiers do not work. cricket is far too dependent on marquee nations to a) create adverts for the game by playing each other, and b) help generate money for other nations where they are bigger draws. consign sri lanka to playing new zealand and the west indies will damage everyone involved long...
  3. StinkyBoHoon

    Superstar of the Decade

    90s was probably more Lara/Warne to be honest. 00s was probably more ponting/murali (who judging by the rankings of players seem to be the most criminally under-rated players nowadays, but I was there) sachin was more about the accumulated career, if you were doing it 1990-2010 then Sachin was...
  4. StinkyBoHoon

    Bangladesh Team Discussion

    while I agree that's a challenge, and most cricket fans usually insist you are rated by how you perform away, I don't think that should be the priority. if you came up to me and said I could have either a batsman that averaged around 50 in every country or another batsman that averaged over 60...
  5. StinkyBoHoon

    Bangladesh Team Discussion

    been a long time coming but yes, Taskin, Sabbir and Mehedi emerging so quickly isn't just a bit of good fortune, it shows that their domestic cricket must be internally on the right track that they can pull players into the test arena and see them perform. I don't follow them closely enough to...
  6. StinkyBoHoon

    Best yorker even seen

    I always think it's pretty difficult to quantify a single one off best shot or ball in cricket, given they are just single moments of thousands that make up each match. that said, bet there's a couple in here that are pretty tasty.
  7. StinkyBoHoon

    Micromax Asia Cup Twenty20 - Bangladesh 2016

    wow, someone using the record of an asian team away from home to dismiss their abilities, never seen this before. I could probably just leave the sarcy remark to speak for itself but as an india fan isn't this a bit rich? considering you lot were running around going on about how you were the...
  8. StinkyBoHoon

    Historical ICC Test Ranking Table- Teams That Would Have Been #1 Had ICC Ranking Existed Back Then

    If I recall correctly, a looooong time ago, when I was doing cricket 07 mods, instead of doing modern kits and rosters I did some classic old fashioned kits and rosters, I seem to recall choosing india from around 1981 due to the batting lineup including Gavaskar, Viswanath, Vengsarkar and Kapil...
  9. StinkyBoHoon

    England tour to South Africa December 2015/February 2016

    they won't have, it's not quite as obvious as just seeing who has darker skin, herschelle gibbs, parnell and langveldt for example were quota players. tbh though, I dunno who the 4th is. it's all a bit complicated, when Bavuma was named the first black south african to score a 100 I was kinda...
  10. StinkyBoHoon

    Historical ICC Test Ranking Table- Teams That Would Have Been #1 Had ICC Ranking Existed Back Then

    *threads guaranteed to infuriate @War * some surprising things I guess, interesting that during the 80s to early 90s, a period that's usually thought to be dominated completely by the west indies that pakistan briefly level pegged them for a bit. I guess that would have a lot to do with imran...
  11. StinkyBoHoon

    ICC Cricket Awards 2015

    we usually do that, lets wait until the boxing day tests are over and do that.
  12. StinkyBoHoon

    Sri Lanka's Tour To New Zealand (Dec-Jan)

    Sri lanka are very short of good players, in the old days they always had an iffy opener and one other tourist in the line up, but these days chandimal and mathews are propping up 4 kapugaderas/mubaraks. it's not pretty. prasad is horrible for injuries too, shame as these are nice conditions...
  13. StinkyBoHoon

    West Indies tour of Australia Dec 2015-Jan 2016

    I meant real bookies. haha, never thought about it but if they were playing pakistan that question would be loaded.
  14. StinkyBoHoon

    West Indies tour of Australia Dec 2015-Jan 2016

    I wonder if bookies are even taking bets on this?
  15. StinkyBoHoon

    South Africa's tour of India - October/December 2015

    Agreed, it's the spin combination that India have going for them right now, they've always had decent batting reserves, especially for home conditions, but they've not always been able to count on having world class spinners. their last defeat was obviously to england and it's notable in that...
  16. StinkyBoHoon

    West Indies tour of Sri Lanka - October/November 2015

    Dampalage Shehan Naveendra Fonseka Gunawardene Jayasuriya. ffs. good knock but.
  17. StinkyBoHoon

    ICC News: Restructuring the ICC, BCCI Influence & more

    I don't think a two tier will work for a number of reasons. making the top tier 6 is trying to ensure that the big three don't slip down to tier 2 (though that actually isn't quite guaranteed, england lie 5th in the rankings, was this a league there would be a very real possibility of sri lanka...
  18. StinkyBoHoon

    Zimbabwe's tour of Bangladesh - November 2015

    I'm keeping an eye on this, this year Bangladesh have began moving away from the little club they have with Zimbabwe and are looking like they're contempories of the other 8. this is the sort of series they should be winning emphatically. looks like they started shockingly but Rahim has rescued...
  19. StinkyBoHoon

    South Africa's tour of India - October/December 2015

    when Herath retires maybe. both teams need an extra batsman if the conditions are like this in the next test, I suppose if nothing else at least SAF have less of a selection headache, all three of india's spinners have been very good but one of them would need to go. (I suppose not really, of...
  20. StinkyBoHoon

    Console Patch 3 Release?

    I had a pretty sensible question to ask but my trousers fell down while I was writing it.