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  1. Parmesh killer

    Sign-ups Triangular Series Parmesh Style!!!!

    Welcome to my first league! It is a Triangular ODI Series between 3 world class International Teams. 1)India 2)Australia 3)South Africa Each team will cost $100K. Sign up form Team name Manager name CWSim will be used...
  2. Parmesh killer

    Which is your favourite all time team in cricket?

    Hello to all! This thread is for giving our views about various international teams.
  3. Parmesh killer

    Why cricket is less popular than football?

    Hello there. We're all here to discuss why cricket is less popular than football. Here the some reasons I think are responsible for this:- 1) ICC's Attachment to the longer formats of the game. Whereas, very few people watch it as compared to T20. 2) Lack of interest of people and sponsers in...