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  1. RPHKR

    City Cricket Championship | Draft R8

    Rumours were that it would be an alarming news on the media. The stage was set for the press-meet. The newly appointed ICC chief, PuLee announced that ICC would be adopting a few cities over the world. "The revenues from the tournament will be used. We haven't named the tournament yet... Umm...
  2. RPHKR

    Parallel Cinema

    A year ago, I got a chance to watch Italian Neo-realist movies, The Bicycle Thieves, Umberto D, Rome - Open City, etc. Then I bought The Apu Trilogy. I consider The Bicycle Thieves to be the best movie I've watched. Any movies, you suggest?
  3. RPHKR

    Drafts BWL | First match posted | Thoughts?

    |HOME|NEWS|TEAMS|FIXTURES|STATS|GROUNDS| Why BWL is held as there are already various domestic tournaments going on?" "BWL is to improve the importance of ODI in India. Though IPL is faring well, we thought a OD league will too, if it had international exposure. That's why we have let overseas...
  4. RPHKR

    PuLee's Tutorials - Detailed Signature Tutorial

    Detailed Signature Tutorial Hello guys, I gonna post an detailed signature tutorial in which you can learn 1. How to blend a render into the background? (The basement) 2. How to add a texture to improve the render? 3. How to place a text that fits in the signature? (The tricky part) 4...
  5. RPHKR

    Kochadaiiyaan The Legend

    Kochadaiiyaan The Legend is the first Indian 3D motion-capture animated movie. Earlier Maattrraan, a Tamil movie had used the motion-capture technology, thus Kochadaiiyaan's the second Indian movie to use it. The movie traced it origin from previous movies, "Sultan the Warrior" and "Rana"...
  6. RPHKR

    Shortcut Virus

    When I copy files to any pendrive, they turn into shortcuts. When I click the shortcut, the original file is there. I found many solutions while surfing but none worked for me. When I typed "attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\*.*" in cmd, I saw a vbscript file in the pendrive. Though I delete it, it...
  7. RPHKR

    Kit Templates

    Yudi gave me the kit template files years ago. They were my valuable possession and I've lost it now. :( If anyone has the SS kit templates psd for jersey design, please share it here.
  8. RPHKR

    Computer hardware update

    I have an old computer. I think this is the right time to update it. Following are the specs: A motherboard with i5 processor. 4 GB RAM. A graphics card to play Don Bradman Cricket, Assassins Creed, etc. What is the cost of these in India? Which brand would you prefer? Please help guys. :)
  9. RPHKR

    Police Academy Mafia - Endgame - Mafia(User2010) win!

    It's the expert cop one. 1 Mafia 1 Sane cop 1 Insane cop 1 Naive cop 1 Paranoid cop A 5 player game. If you know how to play, then sign up. Players 1. thedon5 2. surendar 3. Simon 4. User2010 5. yashdude101
  10. RPHKR

    Classic Mafia 03 - Endgame - Mafia(thedon5 and MaD) win!

    A seven player game like the last one. Same rules apply. Sign up! Players 1. Yudi - cop - Lynched Day 2 2. thedon5 - Mafia goon - Win 3. surendar - doctor - Killed Night 0 4. Simon - vanilla townie - Killed Endgame 5. Abhas - vanilla townie - Killed Endgame 6. MaD - Mafia goon - Win 7...
  11. RPHKR

    Story "Who am I? Let me discover" - New chap- Comments please

    Chapter - 1 Nov, 14, 2013 Tendulkar's 200th test We were in front of a 40 inch Bravia before a TV showroom, suddenly the whole crowd was muted... After a few seconds we realised that the era ended. My vision blurred and I was not alone. There was a little boy behind me who wasn't aware of...
  12. RPHKR

    Wrist mark of PC users

    Year ago, I found someone posting this in a social networking site but never knew the reason for this. If anyone know it, please share.
  13. RPHKR

    PCPL, a mad business

    Black Money A die hard supporter of RCB, a PC member from AP who left PC months ago was tempted the Musketeers club. Reports say that he donated 100k vcash funds to the owner on the basis of a private affair. PCPL management have held investigations on the authenticity of the vcash...
  14. RPHKR

    [Team Thread] Eleven Musketeers - All for one

    Tout pour le cricket, cricket pour tous.; All for cricket, cricket for all. The Musketeers of the Guard who invaded Britain during the Seven years war had their settlements there. A few men who owned the muskets found cricket interesting and established a cricket club there. Initially there...
  15. RPHKR

    'A' championship | League abandoned due to lack of interest

    World 'A' Championship will certainly help the boards of member nations to determine their next XI and the junior players can greatly improve their abilities. 'A' World Cup Season 1 Rules - 16 players per team - Players should be less than 38 years of age - Players should have played less than...
  16. RPHKR

    The differences when you play cricket 07 and real cricket

    Ah! All those who learnt cricket rules by playing this game. Post the deviations and drawbacks of cricket 07 from real cricket. The main difference is the shots which seem easy in cricket 07 are difficult in real world. Eg: Square cut is the easiest shot to play in cricket 07 and defending...
  17. RPHKR

    Champions League Big names to play for T&T

    Big names like Narine, Bravo and Pollard to play for Trininad & Tobago. Great news for WI fans. T&T gonna win this. :cheers Source
  18. RPHKR

    Cricket for physically challenged

    Press or media had not given a decent coverage for this T20 match. What to do there where no cheer girls or film stars or post match party gossip to write about in this...it was just a match showcasing the talent of the physically challenged... the first ever of this kind.
  19. RPHKR

    Happy Studios - Animation Films

    Director: westindies2007(Randy Wilson) This thread is created to gain support(constructive criticism please :)) and ask for voice-overs in the upcoming films. Randy Wilson has been creating animation films using iClone. Watch his first film "The Power" in youtube. It's the story of Jack...
  20. RPHKR

    IPL IPL 2012 - Worst XI

    Similar to Yudi's thread. Post the worst XI of 2012. (Big names who failed) Atleast each player from a team. My XI: TM Dilshan Richard Levi Paul Valthaty Kumar Sangakarra + Sourav Ganguly Yusuf Pathan ^ Andre Russell ^ Stuart Binny ^ Ravichandran Ashwin ^ Brett Lee ^ Ashish Nehra ^