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  1. Rohit Doshi

    Beach Cricket Championship - Post your 5 men squad.. Check post 31

    Welcome to Beach Cricket Championship. This is a championship where players play freely in shorts in Cricket's most liberal format. 20 teams will in a knockout championship and the winner takes $30,000,000 home. In order for this tournament to be successful, ICC along with all the Cricket boards...
  2. Rohit Doshi

    England 'jealous of IPL' - Kevin Pietersen

    IPL news: England jealous of IPL says Pietersen | Cricket News | Indian Premier League 2012 | ESPN Cricinfo Well nothing more to say.. If the big man speaks he is right :p
  3. Rohit Doshi

    PlanetCricket Tennis Club

    PC's Tennis Club Welcome to PlanetCricket Tennis Club. This is a cup where every upcoming tennis player joins and takes part in various tennis events in the world. About This Club Well, players will sign up using the sign up form and first participate in inter club competition. After the...
  4. Rohit Doshi

    World T20 Tickets

    Well World T20 tickets are officially available online. I and rahulkhush were planning for India vs England match as it just costed 1$ for pavilion seats :p Ticket costs are as low as 0.25$
  5. Rohit Doshi

    World T20 Qualifiers March 2011/12

    Date and Time Match Weather Tue Mar 13 06:00 GMT | 10:00 local 11:30 IST 1st Match, Group A - Afghanistan v Papua New Guinea Dubai International Cricket Stadium 18 - 28 C Tue Mar 13 06:00 GMT | 10:00 local 11:30 IST 2nd Match, Group B - Italy v Oman ICC Global Cricket Academy, Dubai 18 -...
  6. Rohit Doshi

    World Championship - Northern Knights Top Of The Table as R4 Ends

    List of Players Unavailable For This Tournament Local: Australia: Michael Clarke David Hussey Michael Hussey Shaun Marsh Ricky Ponting Brad Haddin Shane Watson Ben Hilfenhaus Mitchell Johnson Brett Lee Shaun Tait England: Ian Bell Alastair Cook Eoin Morgan...
  7. Rohit Doshi

    One Called off T20 - India VS South Africa

    Well, India are all set to travel to South Africa just to play one T20 game :p on 30th march. India in South Africa 2012: South Africa to take on India in T20 this month | Cricket News | Global | ESPN Cricinfo This seems like a pact signed by BCCI and CSA. Every year we will see these types of...
  8. Rohit Doshi

    Info Zip

    Need Info ZIp for graphic importer. Their website is down and if anyone can help me find it or post it here
  9. Rohit Doshi

    RD Studios? - Cricket 2012

    RD Studios? - Cricket 2012 Well, this is our try to make this fantastic game more fantastic by updating this games kit's, bat's, rosters, etc. Currently we are 3 of them working, JmBrown, Rahulkhush and me. Hope we get more people involved but seeing this is a way too old a game its difficult...
  10. Rohit Doshi

    Story ::. Austrio - Caribbean Championship : Match 2 - Perth VS Trinidad

    Cricket Australia & West Indies Cricket Board in join association have called for development of cricket. As a part of this deal made by them, 3 franchises from each country will be representing in this tournament. The tournament format decided is T20 which came by no surprise. West Indies...
  11. Rohit Doshi


    I really need help in installing kits. I am not understanding a thing and please if some one can help me it would be much appreciated :)
  12. Rohit Doshi

    Cricket Life General Discussion

    Well, not exactly a much awaited game but a cricket game nevertheless releases on May 10th 2012. What their developer has promised this time Well, this is a positive stuff and hope we see a good game on 1st of May when we download the demo version
  13. Rohit Doshi

    Teams Overseas?

    Well well well!! I know some of you will say this thread was bound to come and all that.. but lets have some serious discussion. Team|Played Overseas|Won|Lost|Drawn|W/L Ratio|HS|LS Australia|37|17|10|10|1.70|674|47 England|35|9|14|12|0.64|644|51 India|45|14|17|15|0.82|707|136...
  14. Rohit Doshi

    Happy Australian Day & Happy Republic Day Indians

    As the thread title suggests, Happy Australian Day to all Aussies and Happy Republic Day!! May both the countries grow nicely :p :D
  15. Rohit Doshi

    Website Banned!

    Megaupload Well this is the first website to be banned! What next is coming I dont know but this sure is not looking good.
  16. Rohit Doshi

    Cricket As A Sport?

    Well, this has been going in my mind from quite a long time. First of all, please read the things well before jumping onto conclusions. I will put forward some issues I feel and some things I want output from you all :) We have seen some fantastic cricket over the past few years. There...
  17. Rohit Doshi

    Story Toxic Falcon's Journey In Stick Cricket

    Rohit Doshi, the captain of Toxic Falcon's was arranged a press conference were he and the board members of Toxic Falcons revealed the Toxic Falcons kit for the upcoming World Domination Series.World Domination is a series that is played where each match is a knockout match. Toxic Falcons begin...
  18. Rohit Doshi

    ICC Rankings - A Joke?

    Like, I have not been impressed by ICC Rankings at all. One of the example is Pragyan Ojha in top 20 that 15th in the Test Bowlers rating with just one series? Seriously? R Ashwin who no doubt was brilliant in the series that his debut series starts of at 37?
  19. Rohit Doshi

    Spot The Ball Season 2 - Round 3 Image Poll Closes in 24 Hours

    Round 1 - Ans - Blue Round 2 - Ans - Black Round 3 - Ans - ??? Points Table Name|Points Addy|2 Yudi|2 singhb|2 yashdude101|2 BlitzBerg|1 Dipak|1 thedon5|1 Umair2000|1 User2010|1 Varun|1 Matt121|1 Rahulkhush|1
  20. Rohit Doshi

    Survivor Series Discussion & Help

    After having some discussions with barmyarmy he suggested me to put up this thread. I know I have just participated in Mafia and thinking way too much, but I was a part of forum on Orkut where I had played this game.This is not mafia exactly!! We sign up players say about 8-12. It should be...