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  1. aditya123

    Hindi Cinema Discussion

    Almost feels like Bollywood feels this need to either put in nationalism (army) or religion in every big movie these days. Most of these movies aren't even watchable. The actual good Hindi movies now are story-driven and those rarely involve big stars. Don`t have much expectations from this.
  2. aditya123

    South Africa tour of India 2022(5 T20Is)

    Thanks! Hope the cricket forum is as healthy as before. As I said, the hiatus was partly because I became very disillusioned with Indian cricket and how obscenely powerful it became at the expense of world cricket sometimes. Also, unlike in the mid-2000s and up until 2011, the Indian cricket...
  3. aditya123

    South Africa tour of India 2022(5 T20Is)

    Just hopped back to see if some of the old names are still around! To be honest, over the years, I got less parochially invested in the fortunes of Indian cricket and became more of an overall cricket tragic. Also, the BCCI and Indian cricket team in general being coopted for jingoism made me...
  4. aditya123

    South Africa tour of India 2022(5 T20Is)

    Pant, I predict will go down the Sehwag route as a far more game-changing test cricketer than in T20s. Sanju gets T20 and plays the right way. The little chances he had for India, he batted selflessly with the attitude that fits modern T20 cricket. That will ofc be less consistent (w.r.t...
  5. aditya123

    South Africa tour of India 2022(5 T20Is)

    What do India gain from not giving Umran and Arshdeep an extended run in these meaningless bilateral series? If you gain a 150 kph weapon for the T20 WC in Australia in the bargain of losing a pointless series, so be it. No disrespect to Bhuvi, but we know what he brings to the table. If you...
  6. aditya123

    Cricket 22 General Discussion thread (Use bug report thread for issues/bugs/crashes | Patch notes in first post)

    I wanted to reskill my teams, and now I have the game crashing on my Series X for no reason. I wonder if changes made in the PC version of the academy would carry over to the Xbox? Anyone know about this?
  7. aditya123

    Stadium creations and discussion

    I seem to be able to download all of these stadiums but somehow the adboards are always default fake ones. When I go to stadium creator to assign adboards, I do find these custom ads available
  8. aditya123

    Cricket 22 Bug Report Thread (Read first post)

    I'm on the Xbox Series X. The gam either crashes while downloading or even viewing teams from the community. Even if the teams show up, they either show up without playfaces or worse, the names are still incorrect. Sometimes it just gives me a "playface storage full" error. All this on the...
  9. aditya123

    Cricket 22 General Discussion thread (Use bug report thread for issues/bugs/crashes | Patch notes in first post)

    Is the current Xbox Series X version v1.1.13.0? I completely reset my game save data, releted stuff (local and the cloud), reinstalled the game, and also reset the academy. Despite all this, th first attempt to download a team from the academy relates in a "playface full" error. Wonder how...
  10. aditya123

    Cricket 22 General Discussion thread (Use bug report thread for issues/bugs/crashes | Patch notes in first post)

    I`m on the Series X and have exactly the same problem.
  11. aditya123

    SLIDERS - Around the world in 80 pitch sliders.....again

    Great work on the sliders guys. However, do the sliders even work? I`m on the Xbox Series X, and cannot seem to notice any difference when I use the sliders. In particular, I`m looking at the Pace Visual Speed/Spin Visual Speed setting. Even setting it to a 100 doesn't seem to make any...
  12. aditya123

    Cricket 19 - PS5 / Xbox Series X

    While the game is quite enjoyable currently, I wish they'd fixed the in game lighting for the player models. If the lighting for the player models was as good as that in the menu, this game would look stunning.
  13. aditya123

    General Cricket Discussion

    Thank you! We also recorded with Jarrod Kimber. Great fun to talk to.
  14. aditya123

    General Cricket Discussion

    Guys, no idea where to share this or if its appropriate to share it on the forums but here's a cricket podcast me and a couple of my friends have been doing over the past few months. We`ve recorded episodes with Ahmer Naqvi and Raunak Kapoor from Cricinfo and also with Robelinda2 from YouTube...
  15. aditya123

    South Africa tour of India 2019/20

    The pace bowling is what has kept me interested in this series. SA have no excuses for their performance here. They've lost to pace here. I agree with others that this is Rohit's best innings so far given the quality of bowling and the match situation. Rahane has gradually looked like getting...
  16. aditya123

    India Team Discussion

    My point is that there is no use having all the talent in the world if you are going to utilize it to a) play an archaic brand of cricket and, b) not risk losing more games at the cost of giving your non-core players exposure to situations with game/series on the line. Noone remembers what your...
  17. aditya123

    India Team Discussion

    Our approach to ODIs is archaic. We used to play more aggressively even in the early 2000s. The current approach won`t win you WCs due to the fact that we are almost afraid of risk-taking. This is the exact problem SA have been troubled with for years. When I call them a mediocre ODI side, it...
  18. aditya123

    India Team Discussion

    The performance in this ODI series again showing why we are a mediocre white-ball side. I can see us having a bad run in ODIs very soon unless we freshen up our approach.
  19. aditya123

    India tour of West Indies Aug-Sept 2019

    India won`t win big tournaments till we keep playing this conservative way. This high win % comes in games where opposition sides don`t really care about the immediate series in hand. While the other sides use 3 years for building a WC side, this Kohli-Shastri duo uses it as an opportunity to...
  20. aditya123

    Career Mode Talk

    Sorry if this has been answered before but here is an issue I have. I started a Career with a star player with India yesterday. I went into the career to find that the India lineup has a lot of random names (those made up one) and not the lineup that gets used in other modes (the sides...