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    any new online cricket management game ??

    hii, sorry if i post hte thread in wrong forum. I am play battrick,Fromthepavillion,hitwicket and cricket championship . is there is any other exciting online cricket management game on internet.
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    Cricket Heroes - testing & feedback

    hii , i am new here,i downloaded the cricket heroes. what i do now. how can i get latest patch,rosters etc for cricket heroes
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    Cricket Leagues - Support and Advice

    i cant understand it fully ,but i have downloaded cricsim .what i do now.please tell me in short
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    Cricket Leagues - Support and Advice

    hii, I got selected as a player in league .what should i do now.please tell i am new here.
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    Sign-ups Basil D'Oliveira Trophy | Sign Ups Required must |

    can you please tell now what i have to do now??
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    Sign-ups Basil D'Oliveira Trophy | Sign Ups Required must |

    Name: Michael Corleone Role: Batting Allrounder Team : South Africa Bat Hand : Left Bowl Style : Right arm Medium Captaincy : No
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    how to change pitch and weather in international cricket captain 2013

    how to change pitch and weather in international cricket captain 2013 tournament mode.i play usually 3 match series ,but there are always same pitch throughout series . Also can we change commentary and crowd sounds in ICC 2013.PLEASE TELL
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    I have Made a REAL Commentary PATCH for C.R.09

    is this a new recen latest commentary patch or it is old that i see in somewhere on site
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    Post your questions about the game here!

    can i run it on my machine when it release my specs: win 7 32 bit 2 gb ram, intel gma 4500m 2.20 ghz
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    AC09 Downloads Help Desk

    hi, I Know it is not a general help thread,but i dont find it anywhere so i write it here,please someone tell me why ac 09 not run on intel 4500m or intel x4500 while it is run on intel 3100,if it runs on 4500m please tell how it runs and again sorry for posting my problem
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    RD Studios? - Cricket 2012

    Dear Super RD, When your super patch is released ,can you please add some legendry teams in your patch. Regards Dwapar
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    Request for updated roster

    latest rosters 2012 Dear great patch makers, Please make latest rosters 2012 for cricket 2004 ,i love the game so much. Regards, Dwapar
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    CGPv7 + IRCSU(v2) Released!!!, Download Now And Enjoy...

    hey super boss, are you fix excessive byes in this patch
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    latest roster 2012

    Can anyone make latest roster 2012 for blic 2005.
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    Shaharyar's Downloads

    dear all great cricket lovers, I have one problem , when i try to run cricket 2005 by ea cricket 12 patch ,it automatically closes the game when toss is complete, i have also used cricket 12 roster and zaxotes 256 hd batpack which is i downloaded for cricket 07. Regards, Your best...
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    BRPS's Uploads

    Good patch , i want ipl patch