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  1. Amar791849

    Random Thoughts

    Admitted to hospital yesterday, Had Dengue (may not have recognised it early), Platelet count was very very low. Was kept on observation for few days. Heart Attack.
  2. Amar791849

    Random Thoughts

    @Prithvi passed away today (early hours IST). I would not have known him if not for this forum, Om Shanti. Gone too soon brother. :(
  3. Amar791849

    Random Thoughts

    10 years completed on forum already, was never active in last few years though. i wouldn't have known @Prithvi if not for this forum, long time friend now. thank you planet cricket :) :)
  4. Amar791849

    Experience the world through our users eyes - kindly resize over sized photos :-)

    Three places, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Samalkot. Visakhapatnam, India: Native place, Lived in the city from 1996/97- 2005. Biggest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh in terms of area and Population. The city is famous for beaches, caves and the Eastern Ghats. Some Iconic landmarks - R.K...
  5. Amar791849

    What Was The Last Thing/s You Bought? Thread

    Sunrisers Hyderabad. though, i booked the tickets to watch Dhoni live at the stadium. :)
  6. Amar791849

    What Was The Last Thing/s You Bought? Thread

    Tickets for SRHvRPS match at Hyderabad (06th May 2017).
  7. Amar791849

    Post your questions about the game here!

    Minimum Configuration Required for PC? I Am Able to Run Cricket Academy on my PC.
  8. Amar791849

    What have you achieved today?

    Came to know About Percentage & Grades of My First Year UG Results. 74.43 % ; Grade:8.27/10 .. Outstanding Grade ( O 10 ) in Business Organisation & Management. A 9 in FC & COBOL ; B 8 in CS,English,FIT & FA ; C 7 in Telugu & Business Economics.
  9. Amar791849

    Last Movie You Watched

    Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu(SVSC)-- Telugu Movie :)
  10. Amar791849

    Test Your Internet Speed

  11. Amar791849

    Your Cricket Hottest temprature you've played in.

    I Once Got Sun-Stroke During a Practice Match at CAL Public School Grounds,Kapra(Hyderabad). I was at Mid-On With 1 Over Left for Mid-Break. I had Fallen Down All of a Sudden ; The Substitute Player Assisted Me Off the Ground. That it was Around 43.5'C...
  12. Amar791849

    Your Cricket What Type Of Cricketer Are you?

    Batting Bat: Sundriges Batting Position: Lower Order or Tail Ender Batting Style: Moderate Favorite Shot: Cut Shot. Bowling Bowling Type: Medium Fast Bowler Bowling Deliveries: Medium Fast Bowler; Outswinger, Inswinger, yorker.Occasional Off Spin Deliveries. Average Delivery: 80 KM...
  13. Amar791849

    Your Cricket What position do you play?

    I was an Opening Bowler for Vijay Paul XI (hyderabad) ; So 8 or 9 Down..!!! :p
  14. Amar791849

    What are you listening to now?

    Violin Song -- Idharammayilatho
  15. Amar791849

    Your Cricket Death Overs Experience

    Way Back to May 3rd Week,2010.. It was the Last Practice Match at the Coaching Camp Before We Left Off to Bangalore for National Tournament.. We Bowled First Initially ; On a Damp Wicket.. the Opposition Team Scored 179.. in 30 Overs.Next Day Morning ; We Got off to a Great start. 45/0...
  16. Amar791849

    What have you achieved today?

    Secured top Marks in COBOL 63/70 ; Financial Accounting 67/70 1st Yr Degree Module Examinations ( Exams Are Still Going Though).. :) :)
  17. Amar791849

    Last Movie You Watched

    Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu(SVSC) on January 11.
  18. Amar791849

    Pepsi IPL 2013 Discussion

    Ricky Ponting for MI.. !! Two Greats of Cricket to Open The Innings- Would be a Great Sight to Watch. Now i am Planning to go for IPL Match Between Sun Risers Vs Mumbai Indians At Hyderabad.
  19. Amar791849

    Ponting Announces Retirement

    Last Thing Which i had never Expected to Happen Very Soon is this.. Was Stunned For a Moment when my Father Told Punter is Gonna After Perth Test.Great fan of Him Since ChildHood(2nd IDOL in Cricket). Whenever i Play Cricket : i try to hit a Shot Over Mid Wicket in Punter's Style. I Saw him Only...