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  1. Umair7

    Ashes 2019/20 | The End

    Format And Simulator Format- Unlimited Over Matches Simulator- Syedur Rahman's Cricket Simulator Australia arrive in England on the back of a very poor run in Test Cricket but with Warner & Smudge back, Will Australia retain The Ashes after 16 years or maybe even win the series after 19 years...
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    Tri-Nation Series [T20] (Australia,England & New Zealand)

    1st Match: Australia v New Zealand at Sydney - Feb 3, 2018 Match scheduled to begin at 19:20 local time (08:20 GMT) 2nd Match: Australia v England at Hobart - Feb 7, 2018 Match scheduled to begin at 19:40 local time (08:40 GMT) 3rd Match: Australia v England at MCG - Feb 10, 2018 Match scheduled...
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    AMA AMA! (The Deadman)

  4. Umair7

    PC World League | IT'S OVER

    Format And Simulator Format- 50 Over Matches Simulator- Syedur Rahman's Cricket Simulator Platinum Partners : Commonwealth Bank-Bank Victoria Bitter-Beer Broadcast Partners : Channel Nine (ROTW ONLY) (300 M $) (2 Seasons) (Live) Network Ten (ROTW ONLY) (100 M $) (2 Seasons) (Highlights)...
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    Punjab Kings | Team Thread

  6. Umair7

    Share your previous experience in PCPL

    First 3 PCPL: I was not on PC PCNL = ALLIANCE :) Last 3 PCPL (Owner+Player) Alliance T20 : N/A OD : 3rd FC : Runner Up Arrowhead : T20: Winner OD : 4th FC : 5th Demons : T20: 3rd OD : 4th FC : Runner Up Demons T20: Demons OD :
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    Help !!!!

    Processer : Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @3.00 GHZ Ram : 08 GB System: 64 Bit Windows 7 Graphics Card : GE FORCE 210 1GB Well i need a graphics card that can run games (DX 11 Games without Bottle Necking) Help !!!!
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    FPL Thread !!!

    Any one here play Fantasy PL ???????
  9. Umair7

    FIFA WC 2014 Semi Finals & Final Thread !!!!!

    08/7/14 - Germany v Brazil 09/7/14 - Argentina v Netherlands 13/7/14 - Argentina vs Germany BTW Alejandra Buitrago is hot :D
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    WWE Pakistan Super League | The End

  11. Umair7

    FIFA WC TV Subscription

    So Anyone ??
  12. Umair7

    Football: German Cup Final (BVB VS FCB)

    German Cup Final (BVB VS FCB) Odds from BET365
  13. Umair7

    Big Bash 2013-14 Season

    So here we will discuss see the title :p :D So anyone watched the Melbourne Derby yesterday ??
  14. Umair7

    Football: Its El Cl?sico not El Cl?ssico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid)

    El Cl?sico Odds From BetFair :cheers
  15. Umair7

    Football: Real Madrid vs Juventus

    Real Madrid vs Juventus ODDS FROM BETFAIR :)
  16. Umair7

    Football: Arsenal vs Borussia Dortmund

    Arsenal vs Borussia Dortmund ODDS FROM BETFAIR :)
  17. Umair7

    Football: AC Milan vs Barcelona

    AC Milan vs Barcelona ODDS FROM BETFAIR :cheers
  18. Umair7

    Football: Shakhtar Donetsk v Manchester United

    Shakhtar Donetsk v Manchester United ODDS FROM BETFAIR :)
  19. Umair7

    Football: Arsenal v Napoli

    Arsenal v Napoli ODDS FROM BETFAIR :)