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    Asia Cup 2018 - UAE (September 2018)

    India to host Asia Cup 2018 in UAE Revealed: Asia Cup schedule 2018 Group Stage 15 September - Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka (Dubai) 16 September - Pakistan vs Hong Kong (Dubai) 17 September - Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan (Abu Dhabi) 18 September - India vs Hong Kong (Dubai) 19 September - India vs...
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    :VILLAIN's Graphics:

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    AMA Ask a Villain - Candid, minus diplomacy.

    Honest answers with no diplomacy.. well hopefully. No cheap questions please especially regarding women and I'll be happy to answer everything you ask.
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    Ashes Cricket Media Thread

    Screenshots Videos Videos(Beta Gameplay) DETAILS ASHES Cricket in the Press/News Ashes Cricket Release Date Revealed For PS4 And Xbox One Release date for Ashes video game revealed | Here's How Ashes Cricket Improves...
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    Ashes Cricket Media Discussion

    Screenshots Videos Videos(Beta Gameplay) DETAILS ASHES Cricket in the Press/News Ashes Cricket Release Date Revealed For PS4 And Xbox One Release date for Ashes video game revealed | Here's How Ashes Cricket Improves...
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    What's wrong?

    Can somebody list out the major issues with the game at the moment? I heard most of the major ones were fixed by patches by BA but still see some people bashing about it. Currently enjoying every bit of DBC 14 on PC, planning to get 17 in mid-October. Thanks. :)
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    INDIA KIT 2017: Villain's Mods

    MODS Download has been attached. Reference: My first mod for DBC 14, got the game recently for PC. Will be making some more mods to give the game a bit more realistic touch and especially because I sadly couldn't find latest kits/bats for the game and that maybe because most moved to DBC...
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    PCPL needs clarity(Officially Rigged)

    Welcome to the first official press conference of the Outlaws. Joins us today at a rushed conference is Yash Raj, team owner of The Outlaws along with his teammate and co-owner Josh Lyman. PCPL resumed it's 6th season not long ago which gave birth to a new team called The Outlaws. Everything...
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    Team Thread The Outlaws

    Team Owners COACHING STAFF The Outlaws has signed Brett Lee as their bowling coach. Along with Akhtar, Lee was one of the fastest bowlers of his generation, able to consistently bowl at speeds in excess of 150kph+. When injury hampered him throughout his career, he developed an arsenal of...
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    Men's thread, the thread for all men on Planet cricket to get together (women are not welcome).

    A female dominated forum(general chat) so a special section for all us boys to get together and talk about the issues that matter... Like John Cena and other things. Original thread - Women's thread, the thread for all women on Planet cricket to get together (men are welcome). | Page 3 -...
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    Lofted sweep/other shots on PS4?

    I'm new to the game on PS4, had it long back on PS3. My question is are lofted sweep/reverse sweep and advance grounded shots included in the current version of the game or they're yet to be added in Patch 3? Which I believe is postponed for some reason. :) Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Make your generic controller work as an Xbox 360 controller

    Many of us don't own a Xbox 360 controller but a generic controller like say of Logitech. This tutorial will help you remap the controls as per your controller. Instructions: 1) To start off download this. 2) After extracting the .zip file copy the x360ce.exe to the game directory. For...
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    Upgrading my laptop

    Hi there folks, I'm using Sony VAIO VPCEH35EN Laptop (2nd Gen Ci3/ 2GB/ 320GB/ Win7 HB/ 512 MB Graph) - Sony: since nearly two years now. I can play most of the latest/old games smoothly either on Max settings/Average settings.But,after going through the system requirements by the...
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    FOOTBALL Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - E3 2013 Trailer: Demo Release Date:September 11th Looking great,been a fan of PES just after a two month play of PES 13.
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    [AC13]- Pre-order available in India

    [AC13]- Pre-order available in India on Flipkart. (PC) Ashes Cricket 2013 -: (XBOX 360) Ashes Cricket 2013 -: (PS3) Ashes Cricket 2013 -: Finally it's available on the most trusted online store of India,Flipkart.
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    Cricket 14 Media Thread - Recently posted screenshots added!

    Videos: Screenshots: 2nd August Screens in one post(click to view) A thread for those struggling to find the screens/videos of the game published till date. This post will be updated as soon as any new screenshot gets uploaded.
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    Hard Drive Partition?

    I own a Sony Vaio laptop which consists of only one drive,C.Operating System-Windows 7 *I want to know the advantages/dis-advantages of hard drive partition. *Basic/simple way to do that. *Will it cost me lose any of my computer data? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.:)
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    Best Cricket Game?

    Best Cricket Game? Brian Lara Cricket 1999 EA ICC Cricket World Cup England 1999 EA Cricket 2000 EA Cricket 2002 EA Cricket 2004 EA Cricket 2005 Ricky Ponting/Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 EA Cricket 2007 Brian Lara Cricket 2007 Ashes Cricket 2009...
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    Resources Thread

    [Resources Thread] ?Share resources onto this thread which may include Fonts, Textures, Plugins and all the other graphic related stuffs within the rules of the forum. ?Make sure you're following the rules, only post content made available to public by their owners and as long as they are for...
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    [Symbian Discussion]

    I'm using Nokia 500 Belle(symbian s60v5) since 7 months.Liked it very much.Updated my phone to belle a week ago using Nokia ovi suite.It's pretty fast.Ovi store has got lots of apps and games and is 3G enabled.Have got 4 homescreens,here are the screens of my mobile(captured using the screenshot...