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  1. Fenil

    AMA (Fenil's AMA) Shoot your questions

    I was not too keen for this thread but some of the friends here at PC thought it would be a good idea for me to start an AMA thread so here goes.
  2. Fenil

    Need suggestions for buying PC screen

    So my old PC screen has gone beyond repair and I want a good computer screen for around INR8000 or less. We saw HP22vx model but it costs around INR9500. I'm fine even if the screen size is 18.5 but more is better. Please give your suggestions.
  3. Fenil

    Dhoni retires from Test Cricket: Anyone who can replace him?

    Dhoni has retired from Test Cricket with immediate effect meaning Virat Kohli will captain India in Sydney. Personally, I find it a great decision as he was decent but never a good batsman in test matches but who do you think can replace Dhoni in a long run? Saha is obvious choice as of now but...
  4. Fenil

    [Team Thread] Bam Bam Rockers - Five Wicket Victory vs Bombers

    --------- PlanetCricket Premier League - Season 4 Official Team Thread of BamBam Rockers Team owned and managed by Fenil, Addy, Yudi, Swirler and Zaxotes Thread maintained by Zaxotes CLICK HERE FOR TEXT ONLY VERSION --- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ? BAMBAM ROCKERS
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    Stuart Broad: Game Over?

    Stuart Broad haven't been anywhere near his best of late. Is he good enough, on current form, to lead the English attack, especially on the turning tracks of subcontinent? I came across an article on similar topic. What are your thoughts about his chances in the national team? As far I am...
  6. Fenil

    Your Cricket Whats your score?

    I always wanted a place where I can post my scores of the matches. I'd like it not spammed. To start, I played a couple of matches with a 4 piece cricket ball (I usually play with synthetic ball which is similar to a golf ball of 4 piece cricket ball size. Much harder than it though.) Highest...
  7. Fenil

    India's new T20I jersey. Your take?

    I came across a picture with Indian cricketers donning what seems to be the new T20I kit. I personally didn't liked it. What is your take on it?
  8. Fenil

    Increase your Internet speed!

    This was published in a local daily. I tried it and it worked for me. So, I'd like to share it with you. Follow the below steps: Start > RunType gpedit.msc in the boxA window named Group Policy will openClick on Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Packet...
  9. Fenil

    Cricket swing theory does not hold water: Study

    Widely held belief that moisture in the air during humid conditions helps make a cricket ball swing has been clean bowled in a scientific study. As per the study, no effect of moisture has been found on the ball. Take a look at the article: Cricket swing theory does not hold water: Study
  10. Fenil

    Story Men in Maroon's dream run| 1st innings

    First Test, Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados Second Test, Windsor Park, Dominica Third Test, Antigua Recreation Ground, Antigua Credits: RPHKR for banner, Prithvi for the idea of starting a story about WI cricket, Zaxotes for his wonderful in game logos...
  11. Fenil

    Your Cricket Sweep shot: Your tips and advice

    I try to sweep the ball from good length or from a length between good length and full length but I get all the time (my off stump goes for a toss) playing that shot. There has not been a single occasion I've connected the shot perfectly which is a shame considering I'm one of the best batsman...
  12. Fenil

    ICC Board proposes David Richardson for the post of CEO

    ICC Board proposes former South African wicketkeeper Dave Richardson's name for post of Chief Executive and here's his response. He has been "with ICC for 10 years". So, its a good move as he will be knowing about his work and how to accomplish it perfectly. Your take on Dave as new CEO of ICC?
  13. Fenil

    Run commands for windows

    Run commands are pretty handy to work faster. I upload here word files with the list of run commands for Windows XP and Windows 7. I hope it will be useful to you.
  14. Fenil

    IPL IPL Discussion

    There isn't a thread where we can discuss IPL matches as we have for International tournaments, so lets discuss it here. To start well MI has completely dominated CSK today. 103/8 and Malinga has 10 balls to bowl and more importantly, he will be bowling at tail-enders. The match looks...
  15. Fenil

    IPL Mumbai Indians

    Discussion thread for Mumbai Indians' IPL5 campaign.
  16. Fenil

    Happy Birthday, Test Cricket!

    The father of all other formats, Test cricket completes 135 years today! I personally love this format as I think its one format that tests skill, temperament, fitness level everything you could think. I feel this is the format through which a cricketer is tested and gets to showcase his skill...
  17. Fenil

    The Curious Case of Indian Cricket

    Finally Ricky Ponting retires from ODI cricket after getting sacked from the team. One would think it would hurt Australia much but in fact it was the thing that BCCI would have never liked to happen at this stage when the calls for the retirement of their senior team members is getting louder...
  18. Fenil

    Leg Spin - A Fading Art

    Its a fine morning of 1993, Gatting was standing in utter surprise. He and many others were stunned. It wasn?t because Gatting lost his wicket; it was the manner in which he got out. The ball turned from way outside the leg stump to disturb the off stump of the right hander. Yes, it was the...
  19. Fenil

    Upcoming Talents

    Here we can discuss about good domestic cricketers or those cricketers who are new to International cricket and has a lot of talent and potential and has what it takes to be at the national team of a country. To start, I'd like point out Tanmay Srivastava from India. A very good limited (50)...