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  1. AkshayC

    Tutorial: Simple Wallpaper Tutorial

    Howdy Folks, As promised earlier, Here is my very first wallpaper tutorial. The subject here used is Andrea Pirlo. I made it keeping in mind the needs, knowledge & the understanding of beginners about PS. Version of Photoshop I used is CS5. Since NO texture is used in this wallpaper...
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    NBA Discussion

    Discuss NBA here Yao Ming announces his retirement, After the retirement of one of the NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal.
  3. AkshayC

    comparing the education system of india & usa

    The basic difference between the two educational systems in my opinion is the stress on math that is given in India at the high school level itself. :)Mathematics,is the study logical and rational thinking (and of course the topics). Indian schools start teaching maths, like multiplication...
  4. AkshayC

    chase your dreams

    During our childhood days, most of us lead a carefree life without any tension regarding our future. With time lot of things come into picture and at some point all of us undoubtedly think about what is going to happen tomorrow. And with this thought in our minds, we start our endless journey of...
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    artistic review

    Artist Name- Intro - Best Albums - Best Songs - Overall Artist Rating (out five stars) Impact-
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    Requests Accepted ||.. AK's Digital Art ..|| Benedict Cumberbatch Avatars

    300*100 450*150 500*200 Tutorials : Tutorial 1